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AC-262536 Review, Dosage, Results And More | April 2024

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When I write these reviews, I weigh my words carefully and there is a reason why I asked this question in the title of this article; truth be told, AC-262536 seems very promising for women out there.

You’ll see why once you read this write-up and the accompanying research presented inside of it.


Personally speaking, I haven’t taken this SARM even though it is available on the market; there is still a lot of research that needs to be done before I decide that the day has come.

Are you excited?

If so, let’s get started with this AC-262536 review!

AC-262536 is another novel drug put forth by Acadia, just like ACP-105.

It is a SARM by design, as it selectively binds to the androgen receptor, just like all the other SARMs.

AC-262536 came into light in 2007 and even though 13 years have passed, little research has been done on this compound.

There have been no human studies done on this compound, so all the data we have on it comes from rodents, rats and in vitro analysis.

Compared to Testosterone, AC-262536 exhibited 66% of Testosterone’s anabolic activity and only 27% Androgenic activity.

This means that it has an anabolic to androgenic ration of 2,45:1.

This puts it in the range of Ostarine when it comes to strength and potency.

Since AC-262536 has weak Androgenic activity, it might be used in clinical settings in the future and this especially applies to women, as they won’t develop male characteristics from using it.

How Does It Work

It should technically work like all the other SARMs that have had human research backing them up, like Ostarine.

However, as there are no human trials, I can’t claim with 100% certainty that it will in fact act in the same way as it acted on rats.

All we can do for now is speculate and that’s one of the reasons why I never tried it out myself.

AC-262536 Legal Status

AC-262536 is currently legal all over the world, Australia included, but you can only buy it as a research chemical, and it has not been approved for human consumption.

If you’re a female from Australia and interested in the compound, I suggest you stock up on it, as the TGA might soon make their move and deem it illegal, like all the other SARMs.

Nobody is going to check your home for AC-262536, but since there aren’t any reliable shops from Australia selling it, customs might pose an issue in the future.

AC-262536 Benefits

AC-262536 has quite a few benefits to its name and that’s what makes it so interesting to me as a research chemical.

Increases Testosterone Levels

Preliminary research on rats has shown that in just two weeks, AC-262536 had the ability to significantly enchant anabolic numbers in rats, which lead to increased muscle mass and strength.

Slows Down The Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease

Note that I didn’t say cure, but slow down.

AC-262536 acts on Apolipoprotein E4, significantly reducing its presence in the body.

Why is that important?

Because APOE4 is a known protein that has its hands in diseases like Alzheimer’s and other cognitive impairments.

The tests that have been done were all performed on male Sprague-Dawley rats.

These rats showed increased cognitive abilities compared to rats that haven’t been treated with AC-262536.

Reduces Risk Of Prostate Cancer (Maybe)

A nine-page study has shown that AC-262536 antagonizes DHT levels in the prostate, which leads to the shrinkage of the prostate gland.

Scientists are still unsure if elevated DHT can actually exacerbate prostate cancer and active research is being performed on the issue. If you’re interested in the topic, I suggest you read this paper.

I’m not sure if AC-262536 can prevent prostate cancer, but it has an effect on prostate size, which is a good indicator that it might be useful in the fight against prostate cancer.

AC-262536 Side Effects

As of now, no exogenous side effects have been discovered as a direct result of AC-262536 use.

There is one problem with it, that being the fact it suppresses Luteinizing hormone in our body.

LH naturally produces androgens in our body which means that it is essential for Testosterone production.

Just to be clear, after weeks of use, all SARMs weaken LH production, but only by a small degree.

But the issue is, AC-262536, at just a 3mg/kg dosage, decreased LH levels by 40% in rats in just two weeks. For reference, researchers used dosages as high as 30mgs/kg of body weight when testing AC-262536.

This is bad news for males yearning to take AC-262536, as it could potentially shut you down completely.

Women don’t have the same problem as LH doesn’t play such a significant role in their body, and that’s why AC-262536 is being considered for use in clinical settings on women.

AC-262536 Dosage, Cycle Length And Half-Life

Since there were no clinical trials done on humans, it’s hard to gouge the correct dosage someone should take.

Bro-science tells us that the dosage should be around 30 to 50mgs per day, based on studies done on rats.

There is so little anecdotal information available that I simply can’t tell you what dosage you should take.

The same goes for your cycle length.

Personally speaking, I wouldn’t imbue it at all based on what I’ve read about its effects on LH, but if you have to take it, don’t go over eight weeks.

There is currently no data available telling us what the half-life of AC-262536 is.

Does AC-262536 Require PCT

Since AC-262536 is a partial agonist, under normal circumstances, you shouldn’t need PCT for it.

What irks me is the effect of this compound on LH, how do you combat that?

Even worse, a 40% decrease was seen in just two weeks on rats, does that mean that you can’t take it longer than a week?

If so, how effective can it really be?

These are all valid questions I simply cannot answer as there simply isn’t enough research done on it.

If you’re a male, just don’t use it.

If you’re a female, you will not need PCT.

Where to Buy AC-262536, a trusted vendor of mine, carries it in both liquid and powder form.

You’ll have to pay $39.99 for 1000mgs of the powder and the same price applies for 300mgs of the liquid solution.


Even though AC-262536 was fourteen times less potent than Testosterone when it came to the effects on prostate size, I still wouldn’t touch it as a male.

Women should be able to take it without problems, but since there are no anecdotal reports of that happening, it is still unsafe.

The biggest problem AC-262536 faces is the fact that there simply isn’t enough research performed on it.

We also have no idea whether the 40% decrease on LH applies to humans, but I wouldn’t risk it.

I can only be hopeful for the future of AC-262536, as it presents itself as an ideal compound for women that could see applications in clinical settings.

However, until more funding and research is provided, this all remains a fever dream.