Swiss Chems Review – Still a Source of Injectable SARMs?

Injectable SARMs are known to have an extra kick to them, but in return have more side effects than traditional, orally consumed SARMs.

Personally speaking, I would never inject anything into myself, so I’m not really on the lookout for an injectable SARMs source, but those that do want those extra benefits have emailed me asking me for a legit source of injectable SARMs.

Umbrella Labs did use to sell them back in the day, but that is no longer the case, so I will have to disappoint those that asked me as I have no idea where to get injectable SARMs.

Swiss Chems review

That’s beside the point, as we’re here to review Swiss Chems.

I know that they had a lot of problems in the past with customer reviews. Their old website, had a 3,2 rating out of 5 from 33 reviews on Trustpilot.

They even had a period where they were completely gone from the internet but returned after a few days with a brand new .is domain extension.

Their new face is what I’m interested in, I’ll give them some breathing room and avert my eyes to their past – It’s pretty difficult to run a SARMs company and SwissChems is no exception.

The first thing I noticed when I entered their website was their slogan that 83% of their customers are repeat buyers.

I find that really hard to believe as most businesses struggle to maintain a 25-30% repeat customer base and I’m not here talking about the lemonade stand down the street, but legitimate businesses that have been around for decades.

Moreover, a high percentage of repeat customers indicates that you should expand your business. 

50% is considered very high, 83% is unheard of.

I think that I’ve just spotted the company’s first lie, or they have six customers in total out of which five decided to buy again from them.

Either could be a possibility, especially when you consider that the company has been around for so long, yet still failed to accumulate more than 50 reviews on Trustpilot spanning across both their websites (.com and .is).

Moving on, the design of the website is nothing special, it’s simple and gets the point across. 

There are no flashy images of ripped bodybuilders in tight clothes, which I consider to be a plus considering how overused of a trope it is.

All the links work as intended and it’s easy to navigate from the homepage to all the other pages on the site.

They have their phone number posted publicly, which is always a plus in my book, since so many companies simply shirk their duties when it comes to customer satisfaction.


Their SARMs are really expensive, they expect you to pay $64 for 600mgs of Ostarine. I do know that capsules take a bit more of an investment to make, but exorbitance of such a degree is simply unacceptable.

The funny thing is that they present it as a sort of bargain, as in, the price has been marked down from $80 per bottle.

The only legitimate shop that has similar prices to this one is Proven Peptides, but the latter has a good excuse of doing so, as they test every batch extensively and you know what you’re getting.

Quality Control

This company boasts about having lab results for each and every of their SARMs. 

Upon further inspection, I found that to be the truth – they really do have lab results and they look quite good.

So, what should we do now, buy some SARMs from them? After all, they do have lab results, don’t they?


You see, this is where newbies catch themselves off guard, but just having lab results isn’t enough.

They need to be recent, and by recent, I mean at least one lab result per SARM every two weeks.

Think that’s impossible? Think again! Companies like have been doing it for years and they show no signs of stopping.

Most of the lab results from this company are over a year old and they still hold the former names of the injectable SARMs they used to sell.

For example, Ostarine is called ‘Ostalone’ and that’s how the lab result is presented.

Having no recent lab results is like having no lab results at all, so if you ask me, this company has zero quality control.

I might be a bit harsh, but after all, we as customers are imbuing these things into our bodies and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Shipping And Returns

One thing I like about this company is the transparency they have when it comes to their shipping costs. Everything is laid out before you and there are no hidden costs.

The shipping costs themselves are really expensive, especially if you’re ordering from outside the US and you don’t get free shipping irrespective of how much product you buy.

Their refund policy is bad – you have to return the product unopened, untampered and in its original packaging within a fortnight of receiving your goods.

You’re also made accountable for any shipping costs and the company reserves the right to add a 15% surcharge on any cancelled orders.

I don’t like this one bit, it reminds me a bit of the policy of another vendor I reviewed, that being SARMsStore, where you’re basically screwed if you don’t like what you have received.

I will mention this again, the biggest problem with such a refund policy is that it’s near impossible to become eligible for it.

What’s the first thing you do when you receive a package? You open it, like any other normal person!

This company accepts payments in Bitcoin, Zelle, PMC gold and through bank transfers.

What’s really interesting is that they add a 15% ‘banking inconvenience’ fee if you pay via Zelle or bank transfer, which is basically slang for – we want you to pay in Bitcoin.

The same applies for PMC gold where they add a 20% surcharge which is just ludicrous.

In the past, they used to hand out discounts to those paying with Bitcoin, but now they have switched it up and just decided to punish those paying by other means.

Absolutely despicable.

Customer Reviews Online

There aren’t that many reviews online about them, the company isn’t that popular and I’m wondering why that is the case – if you’ve read up to this point, you would get it.

Some people on Reddit talk about how their site went down and how there are delays with shipments, others complain about the atrocious customer support. 

It’s a warzone out there and it doesn’t look good for Swiss Chems.

What really made me question their legitimacy is the fact that many of those reviews called out the purity of their SARMs, which is another bad sign.

Overall, I wouldn’t do business with this company, as they have a predatory way of treating their customers and I don’t support that one bit.

Customer Support

Since I’ve already discarded this vendor as a potential source, I didn’t even bother talking to their customer support. 

I already heard bad things about them, an example being this Reddit post, where a user who ordered a fairly large package got offered a 20% discount coupon as compensation even though he never received his package.

That was such a low blow by the company that it made my insides churn, what a disgusting way of treating a big spender.


I’m trying to think of something good to say about this company, but I’m left without words.

The only positive thing I can derive from this entire ruckus is the fact that you know how much you pay for shipping, that’s the one thing they do right. And the phone number on top of their website, that’s a good one too.

Other than that, this company simply fails on so many fronts that I would never, not in a thousand years consider adding them to my list of recommended vendors.

Don’t do business with them, choose a vendor that cares about you as a person and that delivers high-quality SARMs to your doorstep without any problems.

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