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How To Pass A SARMs Drug Test Every Time

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Let me just make one thing perfectly clear, unless you’re an open book about your SARMs usage, nobody is going to test you for them, and you may use them indefinitely.

Normal tests don’t cover them, and even if you’re in the military, they don’t test for SARMs unless you’re ostentatious about your usage.

SARM drug tests cost a lot of money, upwards of 500$ per test and consider that the average company or organization has a lot of people behind its back; they won’t be wasting money to see if their employees are imbuing SARMs.

One exception would be athletes in professional sports, their organizations get subsidized tests from the government and they will test you for SARMs.

Many people are scared of drug tests, but once you get to know them better, you realize that the only thing you have to truly be afraid of are your piss and your hair.

Blood Test

While a blood test might show decreased hormone levels, especially LH and SHBG, it cannot determine whether it’s from SARMs usage, so you have nothing to be scared of.

Urine Test

That’s the most standard way of testing for SARMs and the one you’ll most likely be subjected to if you’re ever faced with a SARMs drug test.

Saliva Test

There are currently no estimates as to how long SARMs stay in your saliva, but based on my own bro-science, it would be around 12 hours. Don’t worry, it’s very likely that you won’t be a part of one.

Hair Test

Although rare, it is the biggest threat to your SARMs usage. SARMs can be detected up to two months in your hair follicles (as there are androgen receptors there), so if your facility is doing hair tests and checking for SARMs, make sure to not use them two months prior to the test.

What Do Drug Tests Look For

A SARM drug test will not only look out for SARMs, but also for other substances considered illicit, such as prohormones, steroids and other androgen related compounds.

It is a completely separate test only used by sport institutions, so unless you’re an athlete, you literally have nothing to worry about.

As previously mentioned, these tests are expensive, and no organizations wants to spend money on them, unless they absolutely need to.

What is actually being tested in normal drug tests are twelve of the most commonly abused substances, commonly referred to as the ’12 panel cup test’.

Substances include drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamines, marijuana and benzodiazepines.

How Long Do SARMs Stay In Urine

Since the likelihood of you being subjected to a urine test are 99%, as they’re the most cost-effective method of testing for drugs, we’ll be focusing on how long SARMs are detected in it.

Once again, if it’s a standard test, which is very likely to be the case, you have nothing to worry about.

One thing you have to realize is that half-life doesn’t equate to detection times in the body.

As an example, Ostarine stays in urine for up to nine days, while Ligandrol only goes away after 22 days!

This is conflicting data considering the fact that they have a similar half-life!

The important thing to remember is that SARMs stay in urine for up to thirty days after your last dosage. That’s a lot of time and you should plan accordingly if you’re going to subjected to a SARM drug test.

How To Pass A SARMs Drug Test

You basically got two options, either don’t take them thirty days before your test or get yourself some synthetic piss.

I don’t recommend the latter if you’re an athlete competing somewhere, it destroys the integrity of the sport and is just foul play.

However, if you’re just a regular guy trying to boost his bodybuilding with SARMs, and someone is trying to take that away from you – use all means necessary to pass that damn test!


99% people reading this have literally nothing to worry about, just don’t abuse other illegal drugs and you’ll pass your drug test with flying colors.

All in all, I have never heard of a SARM drug test being used on a regular person, so relax and chill out, everything is perfectly fine.