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Why Did Proven Peptides Shut Down & Best 2024 Alternatives

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Ever since Proven Peptides shut down in 2020, there’s been a huge rift in the SARMs community.

They have been selling SARMs since 2015 and have rightfully earned their spot as one of the best SARMs vendors on the market.

Proven Peptides Shutdown

This article will tell you a bit about what happened, why they closed and where to find the best Proven Peptides alternatives!

Why Did Proven Peptides Shut Down

When the red pop-up on the top of their website appeared, stating they were gone for good, many people brought forth their own theories.

The most serious conjecture talked about total doom and gloom; the end of SARMs and an outright ban on their sales.

Another theory connected two dots and claimed that it was due to the new LGD-4033 ban that affected many vendors.

The original company claimed a trademark on Ligandrol and went after vendors selling it under the names “LGD-4033” and “Ligandrol”.

Some people also guessed that the main reason behind the ban was the massive advertising campaign Proven Peptides had.

They basically think it was due to the company being “too much in your face” that the FDA had stepped in.

None of these postulations paint an accurate picture of what had actually transpired.

According to the FDA, the owner of Proven Peptides engaged in false promises and mislabeling of their products.

The FDA further claims that the owner failed to register the facility where their SARMs were produced.

On top of that, the main allegation comes from the fact that Proven Peptides made claims that SARMs would have certain effects on their users.

This goes against the holy grail of SARMs being used for research purposes only.

Proven Peptides had disclaimers on their website stating SARMs were for research purposes only.

However, the FDA claims the owner knew their customers were imbuing SARMs and were using the disclaimers to hide illegal actions.

The story ends with the owner facing a fine of a quarter million dollars, five years in prison or most likely, both.

I’m 100% sure Proven Peptides will never sell SARMs again.

With that being said, what are the best alternatives to this vendor?

The Best Alternatives to Proven Peptides

I’ve been studying SARMs for over 7 years now and have gone through hundreds of vendors.

Many of them fail to disclose their lab results or post outdated reports from a few years back.

These are just some of the things you have to pay close attention to.

For that very reason, I’ve created a list of recommended SARMs vendors.

It’s by far the most comprehensive list of legitimate SARMs companies online.

Be sure to check it out if you’re looking for a good Proven Peptides alternative.


Many people are sad that Proven Peptides are gone but there’s no need to fret; there are a lot of alternatives.

While we will never truly know the full story as to why Proven Peptides shut down, vendors can surely learn a lesson or two from the story above.

The vendors on my list will hopefully fill the void created by the early departure of Proven Peptides.