Ostarine Suppression | Intensity, How It Feels And More!

Despite being one of the most researched and mildest SARMs on the planet Ostarine suppression can still happen.

Ostarine Suppression

Many people find themselves unprepared for the suppression, as they don’t expect it in the first place.

Read this article to learn how testosterone suppression on Ostarine feels like, how intensive it is and in the end, I’ll show you the best ways to mitigate it.

Ostarine suppression is usually mild to moderate in intensity, with the latter being an exception, rather than a rule.

You will still feel the suppression in your body, even if you’re not the most perceptive person out there.

The fact of the matter is, testosterone suppression is just something you start experiencing, without any forewarning.

How Does Ostarine Suppression Feel Like

On Ostarine, you may start feeling tired, lethargic and even depressed due to its suppressive nature.

Ostarine suppression usually settles mildly and starts growing in intensity as the days go by.

Usually, it starts at around week six of your cycle and proceeds to get worse until the last day of your eight week cycle.

This means that you will have to be prepared for Ostarine suppression while on cycle.

How To Mitigate Ostarine Suppression

If you’re looking for ways to prevent Ostarine suppression, tough luck, it’s not going to happen.

The thing is, it’s impossible to prevent testosterone suppression while on SARMs or any other androgens.

That’s why we have to find ways to mitigate Ostarine suppression.

The first thing I suggest to anyone willing to listen is to get blood work done before and after your cycle.

Blood work on Ostarine? 

Sounds like a joke but I’m actually being serious; doing blood work shows you exactly which hormones were most affected by Ostarine.

I will now show you the two main ways people mitigate Ostarine suppression!

1. SERMs

I personally think that using SERMs for Ostarine is a bit of an overkill; as previously stated, Ostarine suppression is usually mild in nature.

The biggest issue I have with SERMs like Nolvadex or Clomid is the fact they can have some pretty nasty side effects.

Examples being insomnia, weight gain, joint and muscle pain, etc.

That’s why I much prefer the second option, natural PCT.

2. Natural PCT

The thing about most natural PCT products is that they suck and don’t do the job as intended.

That’s why you’ll see bodybuilders scoff at natural PCT, as it simply doesn’t deliver on its promise.

However, once you find the right product, your entire outlook will change; read my natural PCT for SARMs article to learn more!

There’s also a third road many people take and that is to skip PCT entirely.

It might sound stupid and it basically is stupid but because Ostarine is mild, some users get away with it.

This is the reason why the myth of not needing PCT after Ostarine keeps propagating itself.

My suggestion is to at least use natural PCT if nothing, because untreated testosterone suppression is no fun at all.


Now that we’ve learned everything needed to know about Ostarine suppression, we can go ahead and imbue this SARM without fear or worry.

It’s important you integrate PCT for Ostarine suppression; I know it sounds unnecessary but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

SARMs testosterone suppresion is no joke and that’s why you should always have PCT nearby, even if you’re just starting your cycle.

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