MK 677 Headache | Can Ibutamoren Cause Headaches

Some people report that they experience strong headaches with MK 677. In this article, we will talk about the MK 677 Headache. We will go over how often they happen, results in studies, the most common reasons for them and more. I will also go over my experience with MK 677 when it comes to headaches.

We will only focus on the topic of MK 677 headache in this article. If you want to get more information about this compound, read our in-depth article about MK 677.

Let’s start by explaining if MK 677 can cause Headaches.

Does mK 677 cause headaches

Let’s start by saying that MK 677 does not cause headaches, at least it won’t in normal conditions.

A study that tested for the frequency of headaches on Ibutamoren found out that it doesn’t cause headaches. Not even one person who was taking it during the study reported headaches.

So, to summarize, it does not cause headaches under normal dosages and cycle length. Now let’s explain the possibilities of why some people still report that MK 677 can cause a headache.

Water retention

This is actually the only way that it’s possible to experience a headache during your MK 677 cycle.

MK 677 can make our body hold more water, this is called water retention. This isn’t something that everyone experiences, mostly those who have bad diets and don’t drink enough water. In fact, if you experience water retention you can easily get rid of it by drinking more water. You can read more about this in our article about MK 677 water retention.

But anyways, if you have water retention for a long time (close to a year or more), that can cause increased blood pressure and that can be the reason for headaches.

Obviously, we can see that it’s very hard to get a headache because of MK 677. We would have to take MK 677 for close to a year straight on a bad diet and not drink enough water to get water retention which would cause headaches.

To summarize, it’s very, very unlikely that MK 677 is causing your headache.

MK 677 Headache

Why people experience headaches when taking MK 677

We solved the mystery of the MK 677 headache. It’s very rare that MK 677 is the reason for headaches.

Let’s go over why some people might be experiencing headaches when taking MK 677.

Drinking too little water

This is a very common reason for headaches. When it comes to MK 677, you should be drinking a bit more water than usual, to avoid water retention.

Some people forget about drinking water on their cycle and this results in headaches.

Remember, drink at least 2 liters (at least 3 is optimal) of water every single day.

Bunk MK 677

This is almost certainly the main reason that people experience headaches on their MK 677 cycle.

Some companies sell bunk MK 677 and other compounds that have other cheap substances mixed in them. Obviously, this reduces the effectiveness and increases the side effects of the compound.

This is why bunk MK 677 can cause headaches. You can easily avoid this by making sure that you buy high-quality, real, pure MK 677.

I tried a lot of MK 677 from different companies. This is why I can with 100% certainty recommend this company that sells real, high-quality MK 677 and other compounds that won’t cause headaches and other unnecessary side effects.

My experience

I have done multiple MK 677 cycles and I experienced no headaches during the cycles. I always made sure that I bought real, high-quality products and that I drank enough water. Obviously, by doing that, I eliminated the chance of experiencing unnecessary side effects such as headaches.

If you want to read a more in-depth MK 677 experience and reviews, read our article where we list MK 677 reviews.

How to avoid the MK 677 headache

Now that we went through everything, let’s go over some points on how to avoid the MK 677 headache. If follow these tips, you definitely won’t experience headaches during your MK 677 cycle.

  • Buy high-quality, pure MK 677
  • Drink enough water
  • Sleep enough, remove stress

Buy high-quality, pure MK 677

This is the most important thing when it comes to avoiding unnecessary side effects on your MK 677 cycle. Just by doing this, you are making sure that your cycle will be great and won’t have side effects.

Some companies sell bunk products with substances in them that give the product a lot of side effects, including headaches. Avoid this by buying high-quality, pure MK 677.

Drink enough water

You might be thinking to yourself how obvious this tip is. But it’s very important that you drink enough water during your cycles. We went over how water retention over a long period of time can cause headaches. Even though this is very rare, you can completely avoid the possibility of that happening by drinking at least 2 liters of water every day.

Sleep enough, remove stress

This is obvious, lack of sleep and stress can cause headaches. Even though this doesn’t have a direct correlation with MK 677, a lot of people seem to be under stress during their cycles. They are under stress because they are afraid that their product is bunk, that they might get some weird side effects.

Avoid this unnecessary stress by buying pure, high-quality MK 677 and make sure that you get at least 6 hours of sleep a day.


In conclusion, MK 677 headache is possible but very unlikely. Human trials that tested the occurrence of headaches when using this compound, showed no headaches. But still, Ibutamoren can cause them indirectly. This is because MK 677 can cause water retention and that can, over a long period of time, raise our blood pressure, which can cause headaches. But this is very unlikely because we would need to take Ibutamoren for over a year without stopping to even have a chance to experience this.

So actually, the real reason some people experience headaches when taking MK 677 is almost definitely because their product isn’t pure. This is why we recommend that you buy real, high-quality products so you can avoid unwanted effects like headaches. Read more about MK 677 and where to buy it from HERE.

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