GW0742 Review, Dosage, Before And After Results | April 2024

Just as SR9011 was developed to combat the poor bioavailability of Stenabolic, so we have GW0742, which is supposedly a better version of GW50156 (Cardarine).

GW0742 review

There are many rumors out there circulating around, with some calling GW0742 two-hundred times better than Cardarine.

Is there any truth in that or is this just unconfirmed gossip?

Read this article in its entirety to find out!

Contrary to popular belief, GW0742 is not a new SARM, but just like Cardarine, belongs to a class of PPAR delta agonists.

Structural formula of GW0742

It is rumored that the only reason why GW0742 was developed in the first place was to extend the patent GlaxoSmithKline has on Cardarine.

When we look at the chemical structure of GW0742, we can see that there is only a small difference in one atom between the two compounds.

This tells us that GW0742 might not be that much different from Cardarine and that their effects may in fact be similar.

How Does It Work

GW0742 works just like any PPAR delta agonist out there. It basically has two jobs: Turning our fat into an energy source and increasing the oxidative capacity of our muscles.

This means that GW0742 should technically be amazing when it comes to increasing endurance in athletes.

However, no studies, not even on rats have been done to find out the link between GW0742 and endurance.

GW0742 also improves insulin sensitivity which should lower the occurrence of type II diabetes. This has been proven on rats by the following study.

Sadly, as of now, no human trials exist with GW0742. The compound is still new, so we can expect a lot more human trials in the future.

GW0742 Legal Status

The first thing that came to my mind when I read the word legal is Australia. Our government is especially harsh on research chemicals, but as of now, GW0742 has not been included in the list of banned compounds.

It is briefly mentioned in the ‘sentencing’ of Cardarine as a Schedule 9 compound, but a separate listing doesn’t exist on GW0742.

It is labeled as a research chemical by those who sell it and in time, we can expect the TGA to add GW0742 to their list of banned substances.

For now, you can buy it anywhere in the world, but exclusively for research purposes.

GW0742 Benefits

I won’t be listing benefits usually associated with Cardarine, you can view them here as I’ve written about them already.

Instead, I’m interested in the current research done on GW0742.

Lowers Total Cholesterol

A study performed on rats has shown that GW0742 has the ability to reverse cholesterol transport.

That cholesterol eventually ends up in our gastrointestinal tract and gets expelled when we go do our big business.

Reduces Inflammation in The Gut

There are many people out there suffering from inflammation in the gut and some help would surely be lifesaving. Research confirms that GW0742 successfully contributes to the decrease in inflammation in the gut.

Improves Lipid Profile

Just like Cardarine, GW0742 has shown that even when administered in small dosages, it successfully enhances lipid metabolism in the heart.

This means that your lipid profile will look a lot better while taking GW0742, as it will handle triglycerides much easier from now on.

GW0742 Dosage, Cycle Length And Half Life

I would be lying if I told you that I knew what the proper dosages for this compound are.

Rats were taking between 5-30mg/kg in studies, but that doesn’t tell us much.

If you’re really going to buy and use it, my biggest suggestion would be to ask your doctor for advice. There’s very little information out there on this compound and it’s just not worth experimenting with.

I still don’t have any data on the half-life of GW0742, but I presume it to be 24 hours, just like Cardarine.

Because of the low amount of information, you should consider picking Cardarine over GW0742.

GW0742 Side Effects

I have some pretty bad news here and you won’t like what you see.

Although GW0742 looks like a great compound on paper, it has one side effect that personally ruined it in my eyes.

It increases the size of our heart which can be very dangerous. It does so through the activation of calcineurin.

This side effect doesn’t take weeks to come into fruition and high dosages aren’t the cause of it.

Quite on the contrary, mice developed a bigger heart just 24 hours after ingestion (read figure 3.1)!

This makes me not want to test it out as I fear cardiomegaly and if you read some of the symptoms of that disease, you would quickly realize that you’re playing with your own life.

Cardiomegaly (abnormal enlargement of the heart)

GW0742 has no other drawbacks to report on, but this side effect alone makes me not want to touch it with a ten-foot pole.

I might be jumping the boat a bit too quickly and since no human studies were performed with GW0742, we still don’t know if this side effect translates onto humans.

We’ll just have to wait and see, it’s unfair of me to judge this compound too harshly based on a few studies done on mice.

Does GW0742 Cause Cancer

That is a very good question.

Since many believe that Cardarine causes cancer, which is a myth I dispelled here, it naturally comes to you to ask this question about GW0742.

So far, no studies on rats have shown any cancer growth while using GW0742 and these studies were performed on fairly high dosages for rats, one of them topping 30mgs/kg.

Where to Buy GW0742

As we already said, GW0742 has very little research backing it and some very scary and dangerous side effects.

I would recommend that you consider researching with Cardarine instead of GW0742 as it has almost 10 more years of data behind it.

If you’re set on buying GW0742 (or Cardarine for that matter), make sure to get it from a legit source.

A lot of companies sell bunk products which are a waste of money and are frequently laced with other substances which can make them dangerous.

Because of this, I’ve put together my list of recommended companies which I regularly update. The companies listed there have all been verified by me and I strongly suggest you stick to them.


All in all, GW0742 seems like a promising research chemical, but there’s still so much we don’t know about it, so I advise you to tread carefully. For now, I would recommend everyone to avoid it due to the dangerous side effects.

We’ll just have to wait it out and see what happens next, I still don’t know what the company behind GW0742 has in store for us, so I’m very excited about the prospect of one day taking the compound myself.

I’ll be updating this article with more information once it becomes available.

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