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In this article, we will focus on SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) in Australia. More specifically, we will focus on where to buy SARMs in Australia. We will go over the reasons why this company is so good to buy SARMs from if you are in Australia as well as my review and reviews from people that have bought from them. Another topic that we will go over is the legality of SARMs in Australia.

SARMs Australia

For all the people that just want to get to the point, this is my recommended SARMs company for Australia:

Now let’s dive deeper into this and explain why I recommend this company as well as go over the reviews. First, however, let’s go over the criteria based on which we decided.

Are SARMs legal in Australia

Let’s go over the legality of SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) in Australia. This is obviously a very important topic. Obviously I don’t want to break any laws and neither should you.

The legality of SARMs in Australia is different to the rest of the world. In literally every other country in the world, SARMs are legal to buy and use as long as you aren’t a competing professional athlete.

In Australia, however, there are a few more restrictions. The first one is that very few companies can actually legally import SARMs into Australia. The normal supplement stores in Australia aren’t allowed to sell SARMs but the company that we recommended can ship to Australia, for example.

When it comes to the possession and use of SARMs though, there is a catch. SARMs are illegal to buy and use without a doctor’s prescription in Australia. I don’t encourage anyone to break the law. If you want to do SARMs in Australia, buy and use them at your own risk

And anyway, in the past 4 years, nobody got in legal trouble for buying and using SARMs in Australia. A lot of Australian fitness influencers openly use SARMs without problems. So you shouldn’t worry about it too much. You basically can’t get in trouble unless you take SARMs at the police station or something and even then you probably wouldn’t be in trouble because of how common they actually are.

So basically, buy and use them at your own risk. But if you ask me, nobody gets in trouble for using them in Australia. I have even seen major Australian fitness influencers take SARMs LIVE on Instagram.

Australians openly use SARMs

As we said, a lot of people in Australia openly use SARMs and don’t get in any trouble. In fact, a lot of Australian fitness influencers openly use SARMs without problems.

For example, in this YouTube video, we can see Chestbrah (brother of Zyzz), owner of Shavershian fitness and his friend. They are both Australians and they don’t only very openly use SARMs (Chestbrah even frequently takes them on Instagram live) but they also have their own company that sells SARMs.

So as you can see, the legality of SARMs in Australia isn’t that big of a problem.

Professional sports

SARMs are very common among competitive athletes because of how easy they are used without getting detected. They are, however, a prohibited substance in all competitive sports in Australia and the rest of the world as well. SARMs are listed as a prohibited substance by the WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) because of the obvious unfair advantages that they provide.

Buying SARMs Australia – criteria

Before we find out, which SARMs company is the best to buy SARMs in Australia from, let’s go over the criteria based on which we judged on.

The criteria:

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Reviews/age of the company
  • 3d party lab tests

Let’s go over each one of these and explain its importance. We will also comment on how the recommended Australian SARM company stands for each point later in the article.

Money-back guarantee

A money-back guarantee is a very good sign in the SARM world. It shows that the company is confident in its products and that they don’t sell bunk compounds. If you don’t get the results you expect from the compound or if you get side effects that the product shouldn’t have had, you get your money back.

Our recommended Australian SARM company has a 90-day money-back guarantee. Sweet, right? But don’t worry, you won’t have to get your money back because you will be happy with your results.

Reviews/age of the company

Obviously, this is a very important point to judge SARM companies on. You probably shouldn’t buy SARMs from a company that has only bad reviews. Another important thing is the age of the company. It’s a lot safer to buy from established SARM companies than from some new ones, especially in Australia. These new companies often do an “in and out” scam. Basically they take your money and don’t deliver. Don’t buy SARMs from a company that nobody has no reviews.

We will go over the reviews of our recommended Australian SARM company later in the article.

3d party lab tests

It’s important that companies that sell SARMs have 3d party lab tests. This way we can be sure of how pure their compounds are. Sadly, some companies fake their lab tests, that is why I have a hard time trusting these lab tests and because of that I often send my products to laboratories to test their purity so that I can report real results.

We will show the lab test results from our recommended Australian SARM company later in the article. I paid a laboratory to do the lab test with one of the compounds that I bought from them so I don’t have to worry about faked lab tests.

Cryptocurrency payments

I feel like this is another thing that we should address because there is so much misinformation about this.

Some people claim that SARM companies that accept cryptocurrency (bitcoin) payments are sketchy and can’t be trusted. That is simply not true, literally all big, trusted and tested SARM companies accept bitcoin payments. The reason for this is simply that finding a payment gateway is hard if you are selling research compounds. The easiest solution to this is simply to accept bitcoin payments.

You won’t find a major SARM company that doesn’t accept Cryptocurrency. Basically, cryptocurrency payments don’t mean anything when it comes to the trustworthiness of the company.

Where To Buy SARMs In Australia

We will go over the reviews from Australians as well as my review later in the article.

3d party lab tests

I actually sent the RAD140 that I bought from the Australian SARM company that we recommend to a lab to test the purity. So this was done by me and is completely real. Some companies fake their own lab results so I decided to find out the purity myself.

As you can see, the lab test is not 10 years old. The purity of their RAD140 is great, over 98%.


For a lot of people, this is a very important thing, they don’t want to receive a package that has “SARMs” written all over it. In short, they want to buy and use SARMs discretely. This is especially true for Australians because of the legality when it comes to SARMs (we will talk about that later.

So it’s definitely a nice addition that the recommended SARMs company sends discrete packages that can have “Vitamins” written on them if you prefer that.

My experience – SARMs in Australia

Even though I live in Europe, I spend my summers in Australia because a lot of my family lives there. I have done a few SARM cycles in Australia and have bought from almost all of the major companies that ship/deliver there.

I love doing research on SARMs and I have a lot of experience with almost all of them so this is why I can reliably tell if the compound that I’m using is bunk, underdosed or real.


Now let’s list some reviews from Australians that have bought and used SARMs from this company. We got some of the reviews by contacting these Australians on social media and the rest from our contact page.

Review #1

I have been looking for a good Australian SARM source for quite some time now.

My results were great and just what I expected from Ostarine and GW 50156. The best thing, however, is that I got no side effects at all. I think everybody that’s looking for a good SARM source in Australia should give them a try. Especially because they have a 90-day money-back policy so you can’t really go wrong with them.

I will definitely continue to use their products.

Review #2

Sadly, I had a bad experience with buying SARMs in Australia. Most of the companies that I bought them from sold bunk or very underdosed products that didn’t give the results that I expected.

Thankfully, I discovered this company in an article online. I bought Stenabolic and RAD140 and had an amazing cycle. Everything was exactly how I imagined it to be and I had no side effects. It’s so different from the underdosed/bunk products that most other Australian companies sell. Give this company a try, buy one of their products, you won’t be sorry.

I will keep this company as my permanent SARM, MK 677 and Cardarine provider.

Review #3

If you are Australian and have bought SARMs before, I’m sure you realize how many companies sell completely fake or very underdosed products that don’t get you what you want. I have even seen some people get weird side effects from the SARMs that these companies sell. I recommend that you try this company. Unlike companies, they sell real, high-quality compounds.

I have a great experience with them and I recommend them to everyone. Try one of their compounds and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

As we can see, the reviews are very positive. If you have bought or used products from this company before, please contact us so that we can help other people get a realistic picture of the company.

SARMs Australia – Conclusion

In conclusion, pure, high-quality SARMs can be hard to obtain in Australia. This is because a lot of companies there sell underdosed, overpriced compounds. Luckily, our recommended SARMs company sells 100% pure, 3d party tested SARMs and other compounds. They have a fast shipping time to Australia, for me it was usually about a week. The best thing, in my opinion, is that they have a 90-day money-back guarantee period. Basically, you have nothing to lose because if you don’t get the expected results from their products, you get your money back.

If this isn’t enough proof that they sell real, pure SARMs (they wouldn’t have a money-back period if they sold underdosed or bunk products), a lot of people bought and used their products with great results. I am one of those people as well and I will continue to use their products because I get the best results from them and I’m saying this after I’ve personally tested SARMs from over 10 companies in the past 2 years.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Let’s go over some FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about SARMs in Australia.

Can you buy SARMs in supplement stores in Australia

Sadly, you cannot buy SARMs, Cardarine, MK 677 or any other similar compounds in Australian supplement stores or gyms. This is because Australian law doesn’t allow supplement stores and gyms to sell these compounds.

Are SARMs legal in Australia

SARMs and other compounds such as MK 677 and Cardarine are legal to use in Australia if you have a doctor’s prescription for them. If you don’t have a doctor’s prescription, however, these compounds are prohibited. Still, a lot of Australians buy and use SARMs even without a doctor’s prescription and they don’t seem to be getting themselves in any sort of trouble.

Who is going to go around asking people if they use SARMs and if they have a doctor’s prescription for them?

How common are SARMs in Australia

I spend my summers in Australia. From what I have seen and according to the people I talked to in Australian gyms as well as from social media, SARMs are a lot more popular than steroids in Australia. One of the main reasons for the recent increase in popularity of SARMs in Australia is the amount of research that came out in the past few years that confirms the safety and effectiveness of SARMs.

Even a lot of Australian fitness influencers use SARMs, some do it very openly like ChestBrah, for example.

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