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PT 141 Review, Benefits, Dosage | April 2024

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PT 141 caught my eye after I heard statements saying it’s a better sildenafil (Viagra) and that it can cause erections where Viagra and similar PDE5 inhibitors fail.

This is quite a bold claim and throughout this article, you’ll see that things aren’t quite as good as they are presented to be.

PT 141 Review

This PT 141 review will show you exactly why you should stick to tried and tested options in almost all cases.

PT 141, also known as Bremelanotide and Vylessi, is a synthetic peptide drug and melanocortin receptor agonist which causes arousal in both male and female subjects.

It was initially tested for being a sunless tanning agent but the study quickly took a left turn when male subjects experienced spontaneous erections.

As with most other peptides, the effects of PT 141 are dose-dependent; the more you take, the harder it will hit.

PT 141 was isolated from Melanotan II, a discontinued peptide which was found to be loaded with side effects.

The main difference between PT 141 and other popular sexual enhancement products is their mechanism of action.

PT 141 stimulates the central nervous system, completely ignoring blood circulation.

This is the reason why many users report additional benefits with PT 141 compared to traditional ED (erectile dysfunction) medications.

How Does It Work

PT 141 acts on the melanocortin receptor, creating supraphysiological amounts of melanocortin MC4 among others.

This receptor is responsible for regulating sexual function and food intake.

This is the reason why many people using PT 141 frequently report weight loss as a “side effect”. 

PT 141 is a peptide analogue of alpha-Melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH), a full agonist of the aforementioned receptors.

Given this unique mechanism of action, many people surmise that traditional side effects such as nausea, vomiting and high blood pressure are avoided.

However, what anecdotal reports and clinical trials show is that while PT 141 is well-tolerated, it can cause heavy nausea and other adverse effects.

Is PT 141 Legal

While PT 141 has gone on to become an FDA approved medication for the treatment of female sexual arousal disorder, it’s obviously a hurdle to get it as a male.

The brand name, Vylessi, is a prescription medication and trust me, no doctor is going to bother prescribing it to a man.

That’s not a big deal as you can safely buy PT 141 from the comforts of your home.

One thing to keep in mind is that PT 141 is legal but only if you’re buying it as a research chemical.

Imagine PT 141 as the “raw” form of Vylessi, where the former is only meant for research purposes, while the latter is the real deal.

In reality, they are both the same peptide.

To conclude, yes, you can get PT 141 online but only if you’re buying it for research purposes.

PT 141 Benefits

The interesting thing about PT 141 is that many users have reported strange benefits, including an increased sense of sensation and better sex.

While no studies looked into this, it’s an interesting thing since the aforementioned melanocortin receptors mediate a lot of things in the body.

Without further ado, here are the benefits of PT 141!

1. PT 141 Increases Libido In Healthy Men And Women

There are many sites out there saying women shouldn’t use PT 141 without really providing a reason.

The funny thing is, the brand drug is literally approved for treating female sexual problems unrelated to psychiatric problems or postpartum depression.

Essentially, it should work on healthy women as well as men.

One study showed that administering PT 141 to healthy men led to a dose-dependent increase in libido.

Another paper which dealt with both healthy males and those suffering from ED found that PT 141 once again increased libido in a dose-dependent manner.

The men from the aforementioned were already responsive to Viagra; one would think mentioning the study is unnecessary.

However, when you consider that PT 141 and Viagra can be stacked for even bigger and better erections, the picture becomes clearer.

For those worried about side effects, this study said it was perfectly safe and that both compounds were well tolerated.

2. PT 141 Increases Libido In Men Affected By ED

Most studies where participants had mild to heavy ED were done in conjunction with Viagra.

This means that it’s very hard to tell whether PT 141 alone would work against ED.

We do have this double-blind placebo controlled study that looked into patients with mild to moderate ED.

While many HEALTHY proponents tout the long-lasting effects of PT 141, men with ED usually have their erections cut down at the one-hour mark.

Compared to Viagra, one could make the claim that PT 141 lasts four times shorter, on average, in men with ED.

However, if you’re someone with ED and traditional PDE5 inhibitors haven’t worked, PT 141 is a good alternative due to its unique mechanism of action.

3. PT 141 Enriches Sexual Experiences

This is purely anecdotal and there are no studies looking into this.

Many men who have used products like Viagra or Cialis report that PT 141 made them feel special, almost high, 45 to 60 minutes after injection.

Apparently, sensations are heightened and sex is more pleasureable.

The community is divided on PT 141 and its “special” effects, as the alleged benefits seem to be on a case by case basis.

4. PT 141 May Work Where PDE5 Inhibitors Fail

As already mentioned, PT 141 is often studied in conjunction with PDE5 inhibitors so it’s hard to gauge how true the above statement is.

If you’re someone that has exhausted all traditional options, PT 141 might do the trick due to its unique mechanism of action.

To be fair, PDE5 inhibitors work on the vast majority of people struggling with ED but when they fail, PT 141 comes in as a good, albeit inferior, replacement.

5. PT 141 May Cause Weight Loss

I was hesitant to include this benefit as PT 141 should never be used solely for weight loss.

Yes, PT 141 does modify your eating patterns but it’s simply unsustainable to inject yourself with it just to lose weight.

Working on the quality of your diet and caloric intake is literally 90% of the battle.

PT 141 Dosage

You’ll often hear that PT 141 can both be used intranasally or injected, depending on preference.

What is conveniently left out is the atrocious bioavailability of PT 141 when taken intranasally.

Some sources cite that you need up to ten times the amount of PT 141 just to get the same effects when using it intranasally.

Therefore, injecting it is a no-brainer.

With that out of the way, 1 to 2mgs of PT 141 is usually injected 45 to 60 minutes before intercourse.

Please note that when you buy PT 141, it will come as a power and you’ll need to dilute it with bacteriostatic water (BAC).

Don’t worry, all the vendors featured at the end of this article feature pure PT 141 and BAC.

If you’re worried about side effects or are a complete beginner to peptides, starting out with 500mcg is also fine.

PT 141 Half-Life

Interestingly enough, many sites and vendors claim that PT 141 lasts “for up to 8 hours” and that you’ll be able to party all night.

This is only true when PT 141 is used by HEALTHY subjects, men with ED usually don’t experience erections beyond the one hour mark.

Besides, the mean half-life of PT 141 is between 1.9 to 4 hours, averaging at 2,7 hours.

PT 141 Side Effects

The biggest side effects of PT 141 are nausea, headaches and flushing.

Rarely will you see people throw up after injecting or experience an increase in blood pressure.

Despite that, people with elevated blood pressure should under no circumstances use PT 141 as it presents a real health hazard.

Other than that, PT 141 has shown great tolerability in studies, even when used in higher dosages.

PT 141 VS Melanotan 2

Some people think these two compounds are one and the same but there are a couple of differences.

The first thing to mention is their side effect profile; PT 141 is much safer to use.

In fact, all clinical trials using Melanotan 2 ceased as early as 2003.

Reasons cited are the enlargement of already existing moles, proliferation of new moles and uneven pigmentation.

While this doesn’t sound so scary at first, melanoma (skin cancer) is a real concern, especially with overgrown moles.

Personally speaking, I wouldn’t touch Melanotan 2 with a 10 foot pole.

The crucial difference between these two peptides stems from the fact that PT 141 has a hydroxyl group instead of an amide.

Also, it’s good to know that PT 141 was actually isolated from Melanotan 2.

Where to Buy PT 141

You have to be really careful with this stuff, only buy from reputable vendors.

I have never tried PT 141 personally but if Viagra and Cialis ever failed to do the trick, I could see myself giving it a shot.

However, I would still think about it as the side effect profile of PT 141 is more pronounced compared to traditional PDE5 inhibitors.

If you still want to buy PT 141, have a look at my recommended list of peptide vendors.

The companies listed above have all been vetted and are legitimate peptide distributors.


PT 141 is a very interesting peptide and it deserves far more publicity.

However, what this PT 141 review has shown us is that it’s not a good substitute for traditional PDE5 inhibitors.

If Viagra or Cialis do start failing you, PT 141 could come to the rescue; otherwise, it’s just an inferior option.