2020 Australian SARMs source

Important Update

As you probably already know, most companies stopped shipping to Australia. This is because of the strict Australian customs, mostly due to the virus situation. My recommended companies (science.bio, ProvenPeptides, etc.) are no longer my recommended Australian sources because they stopped shipping to Australia and New Zealand.

I’ve recently (20.7.2020) sent a bunch of products to a lab to get them tested for purity. This includes almost all Australian based SARMs companies as well as some foreign companies that still ship to Australia.

The results were sad. There’s so many bunk, underdosed sources out there. A lot of these small Australian based companies had their products laced with prohormones. I wish that I could expose them but I don’t want to risk getting sued. If you want to know the exact results, send me an email and I will show you them.

There are only a few companies that have good products and still ship to Australia. The two that had the best purity results are, in my opinion, the best 2020 Australian SARMs sources:

My #1 Australian SARMs source is:

Rats.army – use the code SG for 20% off (this is the biggest discount code possible for rats.army)

These guys are a relatively new SARMs company but their purity results were among the best. They are based in the USA but they ship to Australia with the help of their warehouses. I’ve received their package in 10 days (I live in Melbourne).

Rats Army pros:

  • Fast, guaranteed shipping (10 days to Australia)
  • Pure products (I’ve sent them to get tested myself)
  • Better quality products than other companies that ship to Australia
  • Great customer support
  • Over a 98% success rate shipping through customs

Rats army

Rats Army
My #2 Australian SARMs source is: SARMTECH You can get 10% off from SARM-tech by following this link to their website and then using the code SARMGUIDE10 on the checkout. It only seems to work by this link though, they’ve only given me the discount code… SARMTECH pros:
  • Fast, guaranteed shipping (7 days to Australia)
  • Pure Products (confirmed by lab tests)
  • A 99% success rate shipping through customs
  • They sell SARMs in pill form (super easy to use)



SARMTECH is a company that’s been in the SARMs business for a long time. I’ve recently started to personally use their products for my research and I am super satisfied with the results.

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