2022 Australian SARMs source

2023 Australian SARMs source

Important Update

As you probably already know, most companies stopped shipping to Australia. This is because of the strict Australian customs, mostly due to the virus situation. My recommended companies are no longer my recommended Australian sources because most of them stopped shipping to Australia and New Zealand.

I’ve recently (9.9.2023) sent a bunch of products to a lab to get them tested for purity. This includes almost all Australian based SARMs companies as well as some foreign companies that still ship to Australia.

The results were sad. There’s so many bunk, underdosed sources out there. A lot of these small Australian based companies had their products laced with prohormones. I wish that I could expose them but I don’t want to risk getting sued. If you want to know the exact results, send me an email and I will show you them.

There is only one company that have good products and still ship to Australia.

My #1 recommended Australian source isSpectre Labs – use the code sarmguide for 20% off (their biggest discount).

Spectre Labs are my favorite company at the moment. They are based in the USA, do intesive testing, top quality and they ship to Australia! They are reliable, fast and have a great customer support. On top of that, they have PCT products, Peptides and more! Spectre Labs should be your #1 choice in 2023.

It’s the only source available in Australia that has top-notch quality and passed my lab tests everytime.

Spectre Labs pros:

  • Same day, shipping to Australia (it’s not garanteed but they have a very high success rate)
  • The highest quality products on the market
  • PCT products, Peptides and more
  • SARMs in pill form
  • USA based
  • Amazing customer support