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Can You Buy SARMs From GNC?

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GNC is one of the largest supplement retailers in the world, boasting over 8000 locations worldwide.

With that in mind, it’s normal that some people are wondering whether they can buy SARMs at GNC.

Buy SARMs from GNC

This article will delve deep into the question above and in the end, I’ll show you the best places to buy SARMs online.

GNC mainly sells vitamins, health foods, supplements and protein powders.

They thrive by marking up the items above and selling them in flashy packaging.

This allows GNC to have great refund policies and free shipping, which are two traits that made them popular in the first place.

With that being said, GNC doesn’t sell SARMs in their stores.

Why Doesn’t GNC Sell SARMs

There are five big reasons why GNC doesn’t sell SARMs:

1. SARMs aren’t meant for human consumption

If you scroll back and take a look at the items GNC has in their stores, you’ll see that they are ordinary supplements safe for human consumption.

On the other hand, SARMs are labeled as research chemicals which aren’t meant for human consumption.

It’s illegal to sell SARMs to people unless you explicitly state that they are research chemicals.

2. It’s hard to source SARMs

With the impending SARMs ban in China, which is one of the biggest sources of SARMs in the world, it’s becoming harder and harder to procure SARMs.

Many SARM stores are closing due to the ban and GNC would have a hard time securing products, especially since they are not in the business.

3. It’s not profitable

The supply chain from China to the US is huge and transferring SARMs from one country to another would cost quite a bit, especially considering the scope and size of GNC.

They would have to secure SARMs for over 6000 retail stores just in the US, you can already imagine the logistical issues.

4. Fear of lawsuits

As much as we would like to think that SARMs are safe, in rare cases, they can cause some pretty heavy damage.

Hair loss, liver failure, decreased testicular size, increased risk of heart attack, stroke…

GNC would have to put quite a few lawyers on retainer, just because of one product!

5. No mainstream payment options

Credit card companies would never let SARMs fly under the radar, not even for a behemoth like GNC.

As amusing as it would be to watch GNC accept Bitcoin, we are far away from that day.

Does GNC Sell SARMs Under The Table

This is a very interesting question and not as stupid as it sounds.

We first have to understand that GNC is not as centralized as one would think. Many GNC stores are franchises which means they are not under the supervision of a corporate entity.

Technically speaking, it would be possible to find SARMs at locally run GNC stores, if the owner was sneaky and selling SARMs under the table.

Of course, such a course of action would be very unwise as that person would not only risk the ownership of their store but also jail time.

Therefore, there is a very low chance of you encountering SARMs at GNC but even if you do, you shouldn’t be buying from the person selling it.


Mainly because there is no quality control.

You have no idea what product you’re getting, it’s similar to buying drugs on the streets.

It’s a crapshoot, a risk you shouldn’t be taking.

Where Should I Buy SARMs

You should buy SARMs from sources that are vetted and tested in independent third-party laboratories.

Every SARM in their selection should have recent HPLC tests or a certificate of analysis at the bare minimum.

It’s very hard to find such stores but luckily for you, I have been testing SARMs for the last seven years and I have sent over 100 batches from vendors to professional labs to have them checked.

Most of them are NOT what’s being marketed. 

Either they weren’t SARMs at all or were underdosed, of poor quality and with low purity rates.

I have a special page dedicated to the best SARMs companies on the market, be sure to check it out!

I can guarantee your next SARMs purchase will be risk-free, at the best price points and most importantly, as safe as it can be.


GNC doesn’t sell SARMs and even if you do find them in brick and mortar stores, stay away from these products.

They are not tested and are very likely unsafe.

Truth be told, we’re already putting our health on the line when using SARMs, any additional risk is simply unnecessary.