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Are SARMs Legal In Ireland | Irish SARMs Law Explained

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More and more people are starting to use SARMs, both in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

One has to make a distinction between the two because the question are SARMs legal in Ireland has already been answered in my are SARMs legal in the UK article.

Are SARMs Legal in Ireland

Today, we’re going to be dissecting the SARMs law of the Republic of Ireland and explaining things in simple terms.

SARMs In The Republic of Ireland

I’ve already talked a bit about the state of PEDs in my guide to SARMs in Ireland.

Basically, the FSAI (Food Safety Authority of Ireland) rejects the declaration of SARMs as a food and brands it a research chemical.

SARMs are not intended for human consumption in the Republic of Ireland, as in most countries in the world.

The problem with SARMs is that research on them is lackluster, making it difficult for lawmakers to properly categorize them.

Many people think that this makes SARMs illegal in Ireland.

After all, if they are not intended for human consumption, how the hell are you going to get your hands on them?

The thing is, there is no public statement from the FSAI regarding SARMs, they basically just said “it’s not a food or for human consumption” and left it at that.

However, there is a contract developed in 2019 between the FSAI and the State Laboratory.

In this contract, SARMs, along with other PEDs are labeled as “uncertified”, essentially putting them in a gray area.

This is in line with the UK’s stance on SARMs; they are simply branded as research chemicals and labeled not for human consumption.

This means that SARMs are completely legal to buy and possess; however, everyone should do their own research into the legal matters of this.

The future of SARMs will probably be determined by their safety profile in clinical trials.

Any other statements are simply wild guesses.

Where Do You Buy SARMs In Ireland

This is a really good question, along with whether SARMs can be imported from the UK and vice versa.

To be perfectly frank, the SARMs market in Ireland is quite bad; you won’t find any reputable vendors there.

I’ve tried but they all fail to impress in the end.

To answer the second question, there’s a Free Trade Agreement between England and the Republic of Ireland, making things a lot easier.

This means that you can safely buy SARMs from the UK and not have to worry about customs or import taxes.

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SARMs are in a legal gray area in Ireland, as in most of the world.

However, this doesn’t mean they are illegal, just that vendors have to label SARMs as research chemicals while selling them.

You, the buyer, most likely don’t have to worry about it but you should always do your own research!