YK11 Dosage | Revealing The Ideal Dosage For a Bulk or Cut!

YK11 is a great SARM for both bulking and cutting and I know that many of you are interested in what the best dosages for YK11 really are, so that’s why I’ve decided to write this article.

To give you some background, I’ve done multiple cycles with YK11, one of which I’ve recorded here

It wasn’t always smooth sailing, but it paid off massively in the end.

Before revealing my cutting and bulking regimen with YK11, I first want to introduce this compound a bit, so that we’re all aware of what is being discussed in the article.

YK11 is a very interesting compound, with it being both a SARM and a steroid. The fact that it is also a steroid tells us that we should tread with caution when it comes to dosages, as too much of it can and will cause side effects to occur.

YK11 works by inhibiting myostatin, a protein that stops muscle cell growth. Hence, when YK11 is consumed, an increase in muscle mass is experienced and a myriad of other benefits.

If you want to know more about how YK11 functions, all the benefits it harbors and much more, please check out this article of mine.

YK11 Half-Life

We currently have no data on the half-life of YK11 as no studies on humans or animals have been performed. This means that we have to rely on anecdotal reports. 

Some bodybuilders prefer splitting their YK11 dosage, taking it once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

This does make sense, as it would ensure that blood levels of YK11 are high throughout the day.

A lot of people that have taken YK11 estimate the half-life to be around 12 hours, but until we get actual scientific research backing these claims up, this remains a guesstimate.

During my research with YK11, I would consume it only once a day and the results were quite amazing.

All in all, if you’re a busy bee like me, taking it just once a day is fine. You can also split the dosage into two equal parts, it all comes down to preference in the end.

YK11 Bulking Dosage + Example Cycle

I recommend taking 15mgs of YK11 a day if you’re going for a bulk. 

Such dosage will ensure that you get the adequate boost necessary to build a lot of muscle mass! If you keep your diet and exercise routines in check, you can also expect to lose quite a bit of fat.

Since you’re bulking, it is recommended that you eat 300 to 500 calories above maintenance.

Example of a bulking cycle:





15mgs per day




50mgs of Clomid per day



25mgs of Clomid per day

As you can see, after a bulking cycle with YK11, PCT is absolutely necessary and for extra caution, we’re using Clomid for the extra punch it packs when it comes to alleviating Testosterone suppression.

Please don’t try to skip PCT after a YK11 cycle, as that could lead to some very unpleasant side effects, one of them being gyno or the enlargement of breast tissue.

YK11 Cutting Dosage + Example Cycle

When you cut, you always want to take less and that applies to the amount of YK11 consumed as well.

A dosage of 10mgs a day should be more than enough to ensure that you have a smooth cut, with quite a bit of weight and fat loss experienced. 

Also, if your eating habits and exercise regimen are on point, you will not lose any accrued muscle! 

Moreover, anecdotal reports tell us that most people actually gain two to three pounds of lean muscle mass in an average eight-week cutting cycle.

Example of a cutting cycle:





10mgs per day




25mgs of Clomid per day

Once again, you cannot run away from PCT while doing YK11, not even on a cut. It is simply too strong to mess around with and many people that have tried skipping it altogether found themselves with the shorter end of the stick.

The good news is that one doesn’t have to use too much Clomid to begin with, which means that the chances of experiencing side effects from the SERM itself are slim to none!

No PCT YK11 Dosage?

Some people really don’t want to mess with PCT, and I understand their sentiment completely.

PCT has side effects of its own and some of us are simply not poised to deal with them.

The thing is, YK11 is the wrong compound to experiment with and I wholeheartedly recommend to not even try to skip out on PCT when you’re doing YK11.

As already mentioned, YK11 is partially a steroid. This means that there is no messing around with it. 

Nolvadex PCT

It’s like playing with fire, you’re going to get burned.

Some bodybuilders try to be smart and decrease the dosage to 5mgs a day or even less, but to their dismay, they soon find themselves in a similar predicament after their YK11 cycle: Their Testosterone levels become suppressed and they still need to do PCT.

All in all, if you really want to avoid doing PCT, you’re best off avoiding YK11 altogether.

Safest YK11 Dosage

The first time I used YK11, I consumed 10mgs a day for eight weeks.

Looking back, this was clearly a mistake, as that is not the safest YK11 dosage around.

If you really want to play it safe and absolutely minimize the side effects experienced, I recommend going for 5mgs a day for six to eight weeks.

At this dosage, you will still experience the awesome benefits YK11 brings to the table (albeit not as strongly as on a higher dosage) and your chances of experiencing a complete Testosterone shutdown or some of the really nasty side effects essentially drop down to zero.

Also, ensure that you’re buying your YK11 from a reputable source, as bunk or underdosed products could really sabotage your efforts in trying to stay safe.

What YK11 Dosage Should I Take

There is no clear-cut answer to this, it mostly depends on your level of experience with strong SARMs, your body composition, genetics and gender.

To simplify things a bit, a newbie to SARMs shouldn’t even attempt to take YK11 before experimenting with some of the other, milder SARMs, like Ostarine and Andarine.

If you have already done a few cycles with SARMs and everything went well, you can start off your first YK11 cycle with a dosage of 5mgs per day. 

There is no need to increase the dosage at any point in your cycle, just remain consistent, finish your cycle and when you’re ready for the next one, increase the dosage consumed.

Once you’ve done a cycle with a 5mg dosage and provided everything went well, you may then add another 5mgs to your initial dosage, for a total of 10mgs a day. 

Stay at that level for at least a few cycles and note how your body reacts to the increased amount of YK11 present in the body. Be sure to consume liver support while you’re at it, as YK11 does have a methylated group added to it.

Once you feel ready to move to the next and final level, add another 5mgs to your dosage, for a total of 15mgs a day.

As already mentioned, this dosage is best used for a bulk and you can expect really good results with it.

Please don’t attempt to further increase the dosage, 15mgs is more than enough to help you achieve all of your fitness goals.

Moreover, it doesn’t make any sense as you reach a point of diminishing returns – a negligible increase in gains when compared to the ideal 15mg dosage. 

Not only that, but you also significantly increase the risk of side effects, which can be quite nasty.


YK11 is an awesome SARM and disregarding the fact whether you’re bulking or cutting, it will help you out immensely and you will definitely feel like you’re on something. 

As we saw from the data above, we’re forced to rely on anecdotal reports when it comes to our YK11 dosage, but that shouldn’t discourage us from taking it, as bodybuilders have and always will be the prime explorers when it comes to novel substances.

Despite its potency, YK11 is relatively safe when used in the correct dosages.

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