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UK SARMs Review | The Best SARMs Source For UK And Europe?

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To be completely fair, I haven’t dabbled much in the UK and Europe scene here on SARMGuide but that is about to change.

UKSARMs is the first company to catch my eye but will they be able to pass all my tests and are their SARMs pure enough to be added to my recommended list?

UKSARMs Review

Read this UKSARMs review in its entirety to find out!

The website itself is fast, smooth and the colors fit well.

I like how they put all of their products straight on display, no need to search around for their product selection.

UKSARMs has also been noticed by some other bodybuilding websites, such as MuscleTalk and TMuscle, both of which are prominent in the UK.

They claim to be the UK’s number one SARM supplier but is there any truth to it?

Let’s find out!

Product Selection

UKSARMs features all the most popular SARMs as well as compounds related to SARMs on their website.

They also have a lot of stacks and PCT available for your convenience.

Unfortunately, they lack Nolvadex and Clomid but they do make up for it with their own tested brands of PCT products, as well as Enclomiphene Citrate.

Their stacks are divided into beginner, intermediate and hardcore levels.

It’s best you decide which group you belong to but in my opinion, their stacks are a great way to save some money.

The beginner stacks are my favorite, as they feature popular combinations of SARMs and compounds related to SARMs.

For example, their ‘Mass Bulk’ stack has RAD140 and MK-677, ensuring a great bulking cycle.

Their SARMs come in liquid form, so make sure you have a dropper.


In my book, this is the least important part of the review, as you expect great SARMs to be a bit on the heftier side.

To be quite frank, the SARMs at this vendor are quite expensive but as you’ll later see, they make up for it with their quality control and overall customer service.

As an example, a 900ml bottle of Ostarine will cost you nearly seventy quid.

Times are tough right now for a lot of people and I appreciate how UKSARMs included LayBuy as an option, allowing you to pay in six weekly installments.

This is a great option if you don’t have the lump sum with you.

Last thing to mention is the great multi-purchase discount for bulk orders, allowing you to save up to 40% on your order.

To be eligible for a 40% discount, you have to purchase 9 or more bottles of the same product.

Personally speaking, I always get three bottles of a product I’m using, netting me a nice 20% discount on my order.

Quality Control

This is where the chips fall down. 

I’ve been eager to review their quality control and what I have for you will surprise you, to say the least.

First of all, all products from UKSARMs undergo rigorous testing and you can find all the certificates posted publicly.

This is a great sign of a prospering company and as already mentioned, it’s the reason why their SARMs are a bit pricier.

Not just that but their lab reports are recent and from well-known, independent, third-party laboratories in the US, MZ Bio Labs and Colmaric Analyticals.

If you check the age of their lab reports, you’ll find that most of them are fresh out of the oven, which leads me to believe this company tests every batch.

This is exactly what I’ve been talking about all these years, this company seems to get what customers really want.

The tests themselves are HPLC assays of the SARMs and purity rates hover around 98 to 99%.

Shipping And Returns

UKSARMs operates from the UK and delivers in just one day anywhere in Britain.

You get free express shipping for any order above fifty pounds and this extends to any country in the world.

If you’ve been in the SARMs scene for any time now, you might have realized just how difficult it is to ship them to Europe.

The good news is that UKSARMs manage to stealthily ship your order in Europe without a problem.

This is music to your ears, especially considering the generous policy of UKSARMs; if your SARMs don’t arrive in 30 days, they will refund the order.

Essentially, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs and the arrival of your SARMs is pretty much guaranteed.

Lastly, if customs get involved, just contact UKSARMs and let them know, they will sort things out by providing the necessary documents.

Moving on, their return policy is great; you reserve the right to cancel your order within the first two weeks, netting you a full refund.

Just contact the company via phone or email and they will do their best to find an agreeable solution for both parties.

Last but not least, the payment options with UKSARMs are quite flexible; they accept all major credit cards and Discover.

Customer Reviews Online

Before I start with this chapter, one thing to point out are the raving reviews found on the company’s website; over 1200 of them!

I won’t spend too much time on them as reviews on websites are easily faked.

However, when you consider everything else I’m about to showcase, you’ll realize they are actually genuine.

First things first, UKSARMs has over 200 reviews on Reviews, an independent British consumer oriented website founded in 2010.

Not just that but they have a near perfect score on that website, 4.8 out of 5 and 96% of customers would recommend UKSARMs as a vendor.

This is absolutely insane and just goes to show how things end up when a vendor listens to the market and responds accordingly.

There are also some threads about UKSARMs on Reddit and other bodybuilding platforms but they don’t yield much info.

It’s basically all about the legitimacy of the website, with some users claiming they are legit and others complaining about mundane things such as shipping times.

UKSARMs is actually active on Reddit and they answer queries pretty frequently, a great sign!

Customer Support

UKSARMs offers customer support both via email and phone, the latter which is far more convenient in my experience.

They have a 24/7 support team handling things and I’ve actually taken the leap and called their customer service.

You can expect professional correspondence and cordial service from the team, at least that was my experience pretending to be a newbie.

This is not just me, many people talk about the great customer service and support team from UKSARMs.

UKSARMs Coupon Code

If you’re just here for UKSARMs coupon code, that’s understandable, simply use the phrase INSTANT10 while checking out for 10% off on your entire order.

If you’re on the lookout for Ligandrol and want the cheapest possible deal, enter the code LGD25OFF for a whopping 25% off!

These codes should work for the foreseeable future, be sure to bookmark this article and check for any updates and additional perks.


I wasn’t even thinking about updating my recommended list of companies, yet UKSARMs has made me do it.

This UKSARMs review has shown us that hidden gems are not a thing of the past and that great vendors are just a leap ahead.

Come to think of it, UKSARMs is by far the best SARMs vendor in Europe and the UK.