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My 8-Week Stenabolic Log – I Lost 12 Pounds Without Dieting!

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After experiencing SARMs for the first time in the form of Ostarine, I took a long break from eating properly and managed to gain quite a lot of fat and weight in just a few months. 

I was now at 18% body fat, 229 pounds and let me be honest with you, I felt like a pig.

I tried fixing my eating habits with numerous fad diets, but I would soon cave in and binge uncontrollably, gaining all the weight back in a few days.

I felt bad and my training sessions started suffering immensely as a result of my poor diet.

Stenabolic log

I was about to throw in the towel, when I discovered Stenabolic, a compound usually put under the same umbrella as SARMs, but it’s not actually a SARM.

I read about its benefits and was positively shocked at how well I could use some of them in my life right now.

I decided; to hell with it, it can’t get any worse, can it?

Since SR9009 has very low bioavailability and a laughably short half-life, you have to be very pedantic with it. 

I decided to take 10mgs, three times a day, for a total of 30mgs. 

I took one in the morning, one before lunch and the last one around 5pm. 

The reason why I avoided evenings was because SR9009 was notorious for causing excessive wakefulness, and I value my sleep a lot.

Here is the important part, I took it sublingually as that is the only way (besides injecting it) to get something out of using it. Consuming it in any other way is just futile.

Fifteen minutes after ingestion, I felt an immediate reduction in anxiety and a sense of relief washed over me. It wasn’t exactly a euphoric experience, but it was high up there.

I decided to do some cardio, as fat and weight loss were my primary concern during this cycle, and I got to say that I immediately felt an improvement in my endurance.

It didn’t exactly feel like having a third lung, as some would say, but there was a difference. I mean, it was only day one, and I was already happy with what was going on.

Week 1-2

My diet stayed pretty much the same over the entire course of my cycle, I did avoid processed sugar, but other than that, I ate what I wanted and when I wanted.

If I had to put a number on it, I was eating around 2800kcal a day, give or take.

I mostly focused on doing cardio and some strength exercises during my workouts, as to keep my muscles intact.

On day ten, I started feeling an even bigger increase in endurance. I would usually run for about ten to fifteen minutes on the treadmill before gassing out, but now, I remember looking at the clock (and seeing a few disgruntled patrons); I was there for over thirty minutes and I felt like I could go on forever!

I stepped off to avoid bad gym etiquette and immediately went on to do some strength exercises as I just felt invincible!

No side effects insofar and since I was dosing responsibly, falling asleep was not an issue.

Week 3-4

The best part of taking SR9009 was the fact that I didn’t feel tired or inflamed at the end of my workouts and that I could do cardio up to five times a week without experiencing any pain or soreness.

I completely forgot to measure my body weight and fat, as going to the gym was just so invigorating that I completely overlooked why I was there in the first place.

Looking at myself in the mirror reminded me of my goals, as I did notice a leaner figure glancing back at me.

By week four, I had lost 6,5 pounds of weight and 4% of my total body fat.

Week 5-6

I was too scared to get a lipid profile done at the beginning of my cycle, as I knew that the results wouldn’t be good, to say the least. I feared that they would further demotivate me.

Conversely, by week six, I felt confident enough to tackle my issue head on, as I had lost quite a bit of weight since then, and here’s what my results looked like:

Triglycerides: 119 mg/dL

Total Cholesterol: 148 mg/dL

HDL Cholesterol: 65 mg/dL

LDL Cholesterol: 83 mg/dL

My cholesterol levels and triglycerides were amazing, as if I had never been overweight in the first place. I attributed most of the results to the SR9009, as my diet was still not as good as I would have liked it to be.

Total weight loss was now at ten pounds and my body fat dropped by another 2%!

Week 7-8

One thing that did significantly increase during my SR9009 cycle was sociability. I just had an easier time talking to people and I stopped fretting about things out of my control.

I’m going to be straight with you, I’m an anxious person by nature, bothered and smothered by every little thing out there.

However, with Stenabolic by my side, I blossomed into a completely different character, one that is content with life and the things around him.

I stopped focusing on the negatives and just enjoyed the ride. I even found myself a girlfriend, and while it can’t all be attributed to the anti-anxiety effects of SR9009 (I do have some game of my own!), I’m aware that without it, none of the people I’ve met and interacted with during my eight-week cycle would have existed in my life.

In my experience, it works better than any benzodiazepine out there and it is non-addictive.

I lost another two pounds of weight and 1% of my body fat in the last two weeks of my cycle.


I’ve read many reports online telling me that SR9009 doesn’t work. 

After trying it out myself and experiencing all the amazing benefits you saw above, without any drawbacks whatsoever, I beg to disagree.

Remember that you have to take the compound sublingually and buy it from a legitimate source or you’ll end up feeling disappointed and cheated on.

I recommend SR9009 to anyone having issues with their weight and fat loss. For those of you curious, no, I didn’t lose any of my muscle, but I didn’t gain any either, despite doing strength exercises.

I know that losing 12 pound of weight and an enormous 7% of my total body fat would have been impossible without Stenabolic by my side. Hell, I barely changed my fricking diet!

Moreover, SR9009 showed me a world with more color, as my anxiety completely dissipated, enabling me to truly put myself out there.