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YK11 Gyno | A Comprehensive Guide

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YK11 is one of the strongest SARMs out there, comparable only to S23, which means gyno is very much a possible side effect on YK11.

One additional problem is that there are not many people taking this SARM, which makes anecdotal reports quite rare.

Yk11 Gyno

This article will look at YK11 gyno thoroughly, it will tell you exactly how gyno feels on YK11, the chances of getting it, precautions to take and so on.

YK11 has the possibility of causing gyno, at a much higher rate than say Ostarine or RAD 140.

It’s all due to the way it affects the endocrine system; testosterone gets a temporary boost, which diminishes when you stop taking the SARM.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t get gyno during YK11 usage, quite on the contrary, any changes to the natural ratio of testosterone and estrogen may cause gyno.

This means that gyno comes as a result of a disbalance between testosterone and estrogen.

We know that elevated estrogen levels cause gyno but how do we get to that state in the first place?

Two ways, testosterone suppression and testosterone abundance.

The former makes estrogen dominant in the body and the latter causes an increase in estrogen levels.

Chances of Gyno From YK11

The chances of getting gyno from YK11 are quite high, around 20% of users get it during or after their cycle.

Everything considered, that’s quite a high number as gyno has long-lasting effects on any person that gets it.

The biggest issue is the paranoia it causes; the user sees any change or stimulus on their nipples as a direct result of gyno, which doesn’t have to be the case.

In fact, once someone learns about it, they are much more likely to misdiagnose themselves with gyno.

That’s why I’ve added a special section to the article, answering how gyno actually feels.

Precaution To Take Against YK11 Gyno

In my Ostarine Gyno article, I said that taking aromatase inhibitors was an extreme measure.

However, considering the strength of YK11, taking Arimistane, a mild AI which you can buy at Spectre Labs (coupon code “sarmguide” for 20% off) is a good option.

Arimistane is completely legal and keeps your estrogen levels balanced throughout your cycle.

The best dosage would be 25mgs of Arimistane per day for the entire cycle.

After that, taking 4 weeks of PCT to offset the testosterone suppression caused by YK11 is a good way to proceed.

Of course, buying high-quality, pure YK11 should be at the top of your bucket list.

Not only do you protect yourself from gyno but you also avoid other nasty side effects which may happen with impure products.

The best way to determine a good SARMs vendor is to visit my recommended companies.

It’s a list containing the absolute best of the best in the SARMs world.

I have also noticed a dangerous trend in the SARMs community; overdosing.

In an attempt to get better results as fast as possible, many take increasingly higher dosages to accomplish that feat.

I’m vehemently opposed to such a practice as it not only puts you at risk for gyno but also increases the chances of a complete testosterone shutdown.

Please refer to my YK11 dosage guide for the most accurate way of taking this SARM.

How Does Gyno on YK11 Feel

Gyno on YK11 will most likely happen during the 3rd or 4th week of your cycle.

You’ll notice that one of your breasts or in some cases, both, are unnaturally enlarged.

Not just that but your nipples may feel painful when touched.

Another problem that may appear is nipple discharge, very uncomfortable and in some cases, painful for the user.

Let’s not forget to mention that you may also notice an enlarged lump near one or both of your nipples.

All in all, you’ll definitely notice when it happens as it’s quite uncomfortable.

What To Do If Gyno Happens On YK11

If gyno were to happen to me while on a YK11 cycle, I would immediately put a halt to my cycle.

I know it sounds extreme but considering how strong YK11 is, there simply isn’t any reason to further take risks.

I would also get on PCT, most likely Clomid, as soon as possible.

Next thing on my bucket list would be getting a blood test.

The main culprit is increased estrogen so I would focus my attention on that.

Personally speaking, I feel most balanced when my estrogen is at around 30 pg/mL.

That is my sweet spot and I try my best to uphold it.

Last but not least, I would just wait.

A few weeks without YK11 and it’s very likely all traces of gyno will be gone.


YK11 gyno is not to be underestimated as it can happen to anyone.

1 in 5 people taking YK11 will have this side effect and that’s why it has to be taken seriously.

I hope you’ve learned something new, see you in the next article!