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RAD 140 Suppression – How To Avoid Doing PCT

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Some people will tell you that RAD 140 is not suppressive, but they are straight up lying.

If you’ve read my RAD 140 log, you would’ve seen just how suppressed I was on week seven of my cycle.

I even considered giving up my cycle!

RAD 140 is not to be played with and you have to know what you’re doing in order to avoid strong suppression, i.e. having to do PCT.

Just like all other SARMs, at first, RAD 140 increases the amount of Testosterone in your body.

But your body catches up soon and realizes that it doesn’t need to produce any Testosterone on its own as there now is an exogenous source of it being supplied through RAD 140.

That’s why it stops producing the LH hormone on its own, causing suppression to occur as your natural Testosterone levels plummet.

When Does RAD 140 Suppression Occur

RAD 140 suppression usually occurs between the sixth and the seventh week of your cycle, but only if your dosages are in a normal and healthy range.

It can happen even sooner if you take astronomical dosages, such as 20 or 30mgs per day.

I know one guy who got it on week two of his cycle, just because he took a 20mg dosage every day.

He had to do PCT afterwards and reported even more side effects as a direct result of SERM usage.

To avoid such a fate, don’t take more than 10mgs a day on your RAD 140 cycle!

How Does RAD 140 Suppression Feel Like

I can only speak from my own experience, but I definitely noticed a significant drop in libido. That’s my main way of knowing that the suppression is starting.

Another big pointer is the fact that I will feel like doing nothing, even going to the gym becomes a chore. The lethargy can be quite depressing, and you will wonder what the hell is happening to you.

The drop in motivation you’ll experience is significant and can be downright crushing, as you go in one day, happily lifting and dominating weights at the gym and just a few days after, you don’t want to see a barbell ever again in your life.

I mean, people experience RAD 140 suppression differently and I just described the way it affects me.

The only way you can truly know how it feels like is to experience it yourself.

How To Avoid Doing PCT While On a RAD 140 Cycle

There are four steadfast rules you’ll have to follow:

1. Don’t cycle RAD 140 for longer than eight weeks

It’s pointless as you won’t see much muscle gain after the eight-week mark and the likelihood of experiencing strong suppression just keeps increasing the longer you take it.

2. Don’t Take High Dosages

If you’re a newbie, I would recommend you start with 5mgs a day while closely watching how your body reacts to RAD 140.

If everything feels alright after a few weeks, you may increase the dosage up to 10mgs a day, but don’t go over that.

The more RAD 140 you take, the higher the chance that you’ll experience strong suppression.

3. Monitor Your Blood Work

Anyone that is considering the consumption of RAD 140 should, in my opinion, have a blood test done before and during their cycle. This is the most accurate way of gouging your suppression and it can help you determine whether you’re fine riding it out or if you need to stop your cycle prematurely.

4. Buy Your RAD 140 From Trusted Sources

This is a point you simply can’t underestimate. A study by JAMA has shown that most of what is being peddled as SARMs are actually steroids and prohormones.

They can not only cause significant suppression in the body, but also heavy side effects that you don’t want to be a part of.

To avoid such a gruel fate, check out my list of recommended vendors. I’ve been using them for years and never had a problem with their SARMs.


You shouldn’t downplay RAD 140 suppression as it can hit you hard and when you least expect it.

Follow the guidelines outlined above and you will not need to waste your money, time or energy on PCT.