SARMs and Alcohol | Can You Drink When Taking SARMs

Having a drink or two with the boys after a long workout session compares to almost nothing else in life, but should you be on the bottle while taking SARMs?

Many people claim that they did just that without any issues, but I’m quite leery of anecdotal reports, especially since many of them like to exaggerate, especially on Forums.

SARMs and alcohol

This article will concern itself with the reasons why one wants to have a drink during a SARM cycle in the first place and I will also talk about why it is a bad idea in general.

Besides the social pressures of drinking alcohol, there is also something that happens during a cycle with some SARMs that makes you more eager to seek happiness through booze.

It’s called Testosterone suppression and it is somewhat likely to happen on higher dosages with SARMs like YK-11, RAD 140 and S23.

As your Testosterone levels elevate themselves far beyond their normal range, you experience benefits such as increased muscles mass, improved mood, higher libido…

You later pay the piper, as your body reacts and your Testosterone levels dip, with your Estrogen wreaking havoc on your body.

But the crucial questions are, when does it happen and what does alcohol have to do with this entire story?

You will most likely experience it during the 7th or 8th week of your SARMs cycle and it is at that point that your craving for alcohol will be at an all-time high.

The reason behind that is quite simple, your mood will tank, and you’ll be more likely to seek solace in drugs like alcohol to keep yourself afloat. Low mood is a very real side effect of Testosterone suppression you will not hear about, and that’s because most ‘experts’ didn’t experience it themselves, like I did on RAD 140.

SARMs, Liver Toxicity And Alcohol

If you’ve read my article about SARMs and liver toxicity, you would know that some of them do cause hormones like ALT (alanine transaminase) and AST (aspartate aminotransferase) to be elevated in the liver, which is a bad sign. 

Although there are no reports of people dying while taking SARMs and drinking alcohol, the potential damage it can cause to the liver is not to be underestimated.

While people that had an adverse reaction to SARMs, i.e. experiencing liver toxicity had their liver enzymes recover to normal levels when discontinuing SARMs, we simply don’t have enough data to say the same thing when both alcohol and SARMs are concerned.

Since alcohol itself is toxic to the liver, we can conclude that the damage done to it could be significant in cases where both substances are mixed.

Despite insufficient studies, there is one report where a 24-year old user experienced jaundice after taking Ligandrol and binge drinking once a month. His liver test was awful, and he showed serious signs of liver damage. It took him more than four months to recover.

Although we can’t use this one study as gospel, please don’t risk drinking and taking SARMs. 

The drawbacks are just way too high to be playing with them, especially since your own body is concerned!

Alcohol And SARMs – An Illogical Duo

Another reason why you shouldn’t consume alcohol while on a SARMs cycle is because it has a negative effect on your fitness goals.

Alcohol contains empty calories which you have to factor into your diet and it’s very easy to go overboard as you don’t really feel the excess calories consumed.

Also, you will most likely be drinking at nighttime, instead of getting precious sleep – which is crucial to your gains, meaning that alcohol just sets you back.

You should ask yourself: 

Why am I even doing a SARMs cycle if I’m shooting myself in the foot at the same time? 

Why am I going the extra mile to enhance my performance if I’m just going to botch it with alcohol?

As hard as it is to admit, if you can’t stay off booze for a measly eight weeks, you might seriously consider your alcohol consumption to be more than just a habit.

It might very well be addiction.


In conclusion, we recommend that you don’t drink alcohol while taking SARMs.

Since most SARMs have a half-life of just one day (save for RAD 140, where recent research has shown that it stays in the body for 60 hours), you can start drinking alcohol just a few days after your SARMs cycle ends.

If you’re having troubles staying off the bottle while on your SARMs cycle, you should consider seeking professional help, as your problem could be both physiological and psychological in its nature.

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