When To Take LGD 4033 – The Best Practices

If you’re unsure when to take LGD 4033, read this short guide till the end to find out!

Ligandrol has a half-life between 24 to 36 hours so taking it once a day is plenty enough to keep the Ligandrol levels in your blood high.

The best time to take Ligandrol is neither in the morning or in the evening, as some would say, but one hour before training. 

Why is that so?

Because one hour after ingestion, you will experience a peak in Ligandrol levels and after that one-hour mark, they will gradually start falling off.

For example, six hours after ingestion, the amount of Ligandrol in your bloodstream will decrease by 10%.

This means that the best practice is to take it one hour before training, whether it be day or night (Ligandrol doesn’t affect sleep)!

Psychological Fitness And Ligandrol Usage

Before you start taking Ligandrol, you also have to have your head sorted out and in the right place.

Some people were terribly burned in the aftermath when they took Ligandrol without being psychologically fit to use it.

What do I mean by psychological fitness? Here are a few pointers:

You Won’t Get Shredded After Just One Cycle

It’s very important to accept the fact that no compound out there, not even steroids, can make you shredded in just one cycle. It takes years of dedication and training to get to that point and you won’t just be able to jump hoops to get there.

A Larger Dosage Will Only Lead To More Side Effects

This marks the downfall of many bodybuilders, as a lot of websites promote taking Ligandrol in dosages of 10 or 20 mgs a day. There is zero reason to do that to your body, when it has been proven that Ligandrol is effective in dosages as small as 1 mg per day.

Expect Suppression To Occur And Be Prepared To Deal With It

Ligandrol is a very suppressive SARM, I personally experienced mild suppression at just 2,5 mgs a day. You need to either have SERMs on hand if the suppression gets too bad or be able to toughen it out for a month after your cycle. Expect low libido and lethargy to be the dominant side effects during that time period.

Physical Fitness And Ligandrol Usage

You need to be at your absolute peak naturally if you want to take Ligandrol.

I’ve seen people make the mistake of using Ligandrol while they were chubby, without having developed a proper exercise routine.

Guess what happened?

They gained a ton of weight and not much muscle, because they haven’t gotten used to working hard.

You have to understand that neither Ligandrol nor SARMs in general will work on their own.

You have to put in the work in order for them to their job. You have to get out there and train, all while keeping your diet in check.

Also, do your blood work before and after your cycle, only then will you be truly ready to take Ligandrol, as you will know how the compound affected your body.


It’s important not to take Ligandrol lightly as it is a strong SARM that can and will cause major suppression at higher dosages. You have to be both physically and psychologically on top of your game if you want to have success while taking Ligandrol.

If you’re just going to go in blindly, you will only be frustrated by the lack of results and the potential side effects that go with Ligandrol usage.

Stay safe and good luck on your fitness journey!

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