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Peak Body SARMs Review | The Best UK SARMs Source?

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Peak Body SARMs

There are only a few reliable companies that sell high-quality SARMs in pill form. One of those companies is Peak Body.

In this review, I will go over the positives and the negatives of buying SARMs from Peak Body as well as my own personal experience with their MK 677 and Ostarine.

Peak Body SARMs review

About Peak Body

Peak Body is an almost 3 decade old company that was started by John Citrone and his wife Kim Citrone.

John has over 50 years of Bodybuilding experience and is one of the most successful UK body builders. Most notably, he won both Mister Universe and Mister Europe in 1966.

John competing with Arnold:

In 1995 John and Kim started Peak Body. Today, the company is based in Washington, Tyne and Wear. Originally, Peak Body sold protein powders and meal replacement products throughout the United Kingdom.

Over the years they’ve added products to their store and now they are also selling SARMs. Peak Body only sells SARMs in pill form which is great if you’re new to them but if you’re advanced enough where you want to modify your own dosages, you won’t be able to do that with tablets.


Peak Body has very competitive prices compared to the often overpriced tablets that a few other companies sell. This is especially true when you consider the amount of SARMs in each of their boxes, more on this later. One thing to note when buying from Peak Body is that they are based in the UK and the prices on their website are in pounds.

Their prices for the most popular SARMs in USD are:

  • YK-11 (100 tablets at 5mg each): 83,40$
  • Ostarine (100 tablets at ): 62,52$
  • LGD-4033 (100 tablets at 10mg each): 69,48$
  • RAD-140 (60 tablets at 10mg): 69,48$

One thing that I really like about Peak Body’s SARMs is that a lot of them contain 100 tablets. Usually, a cycle lasts 8 weeks, that’s 56 days. Since their LGD-4033, for example, contains 100 tablets, you will basically have enough for two cycles. This just shows how good their prices really are. It’s not uncommon to spend 150$ on one cycle but with Peak Body, that will likely be enough for two!

You can also get an additional 10% off if you use the code SARMGUIDE10 on checkout!


Peak Body offers free delivery for all orders in the UK over 50£.

Shipping for EU orders costs 14.95£ and shipping for USA orders costs 17£.

Based on my experience, Peak Body has faster shipping than most of the competition but, as with all other SARMs companies, customs got really strict during the pandemic so your package might get stuck there for a few weeks if you’re unlucky.


Peak Body offers free replacements for any products that you might received damaged.

You can also exchange your products. As long as you don’t use or damage the product, you can exchange it for a different one.

If you’d like to do either of those, you should contact Peak Body by mail ( or phone (+44 191 4157550).

My Experience With Peak Body

I’ve been using Peak Body from February to April 2024. More specifically, I used their Ostarine and MK 677.

Their dosages that each tablet contains were absolutely perfect for me. Much better than some of the other tablet SARMs from other companies that are dosed either way too high or too low.

I did an 8-week cycle of 10mg Ostarine and 12.5mg MK 677. Since Peak Body’s Ostarine box contains 100 tablets, I ended up with 44 tablets left at the end of the cycle which means that 1 box of Ostarine is basically enough for 2 cycles.


Overall, Peak Body is a great company and I’ll definitely continue using some of their products. If I had to grade their SARMs, I’d give them an 8.5 out of 10.

Their products are great, their support is incredibly fast and the payment methods aren’t complicated. If you’re looking for SARMs in pill form, Peak Body is definitely a great choice, especially if you’re from the UK.

The downside to their SARMs, however, is that they are only sold in pill form. If you’re looking for liquid SARMs, Peak Body won’t be the choice for you.