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BPC-157 Review, Benefits, Dosage | April 2024

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a bodybuilder or just someone suffering from pain due to wounds, inflammation or infections, BPC-157 can step in and help out.

This BPC-157 review will show you exactly how to use this peptide to its fullest potential and also:

  • What is BPC-157
  • BPC-157 benefits
  • The proper BPC-157 dosage
  • Where to buy the best BPC-157 
  • …and much more!

BPC-157 Review

Let’s introduce the compound before talking about its mechanism of action, benefits and other important details.

What is BPC-157

Scientific literature sometimes uses the terms Body Protection Compound (BPC) and BPC-157 synonymously but they are not one and the same.

There is a difference between BPC, which is a protein found naturally in the human body and BPC-157, which is much shorter than the former and an iteration of BPC.

BPC-157 is a synthetic peptide, first discovered in the 90’s; it’s quite short as a peptide as it only has fifteen amino-acids.

However, this doesn’t affect its potency in any way, moreover, its therapeutic potential excites scientists and the compound is being studied till this day.

How Does It Work

When introduced into the body, BPC-157 starts promoting angiogenesis, which is the formation of new blood vessels from existing ones.

It all starts with the increase of a protein called VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor). 

Not only does this protein help with angiogenesis but also with vasculogenesis; the two are closely related to one another and are quintessential for supplying oxygen and blood to tissue affected by injury

There are three main types of VEGF and they are all modulated by BPC-157.

Moving on, BPC-157 blocks 4-Hydroxynonenal, which is a byproduct of oxidative stress, known to be related to many diseases but mainly, cell death.

4-Hydroxynonenal is considered to be pleiotropic, which means that it exerts multiple effects, especially when diseases related to oxidative damage in the body are concerned.

By blocking it, BPC-157 promotes faster healing and tissue regeneration.

4-Hydroxynonenal also stops cell growth, which is why people with lower concentrations of this compound recover way faster!

BPC-157 can also be seen as somewhat of a nootropic.

It modulates two of the most important neurotransmitters in the brain, dopamine and serotonin.

Research on mice shows elevated levels of those two neurotransmitters shortly after BPC-157 administration, which may explain why it’s considered as an agent against depression.

Last but not least, BPC-157 can reduce blood pressure by increasing nitric oxide production

Nitric oxide widens blood vessels and even releases human growth hormone, which has a myriad of benefits!

Is BPC-157 Legal

BPC-157 hasn’t been approved for human consumption by the FDA.

The compound is still too new and research is actively being performed, with mostly positive results.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s illegal to buy it.

It’s possible to get BPC-157 with a doctor’s prescription or buy it online but for research purposes only.

The latter is the easiest and most cost-effective option, more on this later on.

BPC-157 In Sports

If you’re an athlete or participate in professional sports, you should definitely avoid BPC-157 and any of its derivatives.

The reason being the inclusion of BPC-157 in the WADA handbook of prohibited substances.

According to their list, BPC-157 is a ‘non-approved substance’ and marked as ‘S0’.

Many athletes have (ab)used BPC-157 for its amazing benefits on both the body and brain.

It went as far as the WADA having to step in as it was noted that BPC-157 provided athletes with an unfair advantage over their competitors.

This should tell you all you need to know whether it really works on humans!

BPC-157 Benefits

A book could be written about the positive effects of BPC-157 on the body.

Since this is a website mainly focused on bodybuilding, we’ll aim to highlight those benefits first and foremost.

Before starting, a common misconception about BPC-157 has to be addressed; rumors claiming only cellular and animal studies have been done on this compound.

That is not entirely correct, as Phase II human trials are on the way and what’s even more interesting, BPC-157 is being looked at as a potential remedy for the virus currently ravaging our world.

With that out of the way, let’s get started!

1. Improves Muscle And Tendon Healing

If you’re a bodybuilder, you know how easy it is to injure yourself and shave off weeks of training from your regime.

That should no longer be a concern once you introduce BPC-157 into the fray; its healing properties have been confirmed in a placebo study on rats.

The healing has been described as ‘rapid’, even when bigger injuries were at play.

Another study gave rats corticosteroids (basically drugs that mimic cortisol), which should present a hindrance when it comes to muscle healing.

However, BPC-157 prevailed without a problem and proved itself effective in healing muscle tissue that had literally been cut from rats.

2. Improves Recovery Times On All Types Of Injuries

The first benefit highlighted muscles and tendons, but this one is more far-reaching; BPC-157 has shown to improve recovery rates, no matter what the injury entails.

One way of doing so is by increasing blood flow in the body, which was a talking point we covered in a previous section.

Delivering blood to damaged tissues is quintessential as it provides nourishment to the wound, imagine it to be a cocktail of oxygen and other nutrients necessary for recovery.

Another way is by increasing blood cell proliferation through VEGFR-2, which is the main pathway for the aforementioned angiogenesis.

3. Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is a common problem in bodybuilding, especially when it’s acute or chronic.

It can completely hinder your ability to function normally.

BPC-157 has been shown to reduce inflammation, even the chronic kind, in both people with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and in healthy volunteers.

Other tests and studies were also performed, where BPC-157 went under the code name ‘PL 14736’ (denoting the name of the research company, Pliva) and positive results have been observed.

4. Acts as a Neurprotectant and Antidepressant

If days where you simply don’t want to get out of bed and into the gym seem to be on the rise, it could indicate that your dopamine levels might need a boost.

Not just that but as we age, not just our body but also our brain starts degenerating.

We notice brain fog, forgetfulness, low concentration and a host of other, unpleasant experiences.

BPC-157 has been shown to boost neurotransmitter count (especially dopamine) and reduce depressive behavior in rats.

A study where rats exposed to chronic stress were given either BPC-157 or imipramine and nialamide (common antidepressants).

The results of the study were very promising; BPC-157 held its own against these two antidepressants and the results from all groups were similar.

Moreover, antidepressants took more time to start working and have shown more side effects in the rats.

Its role as a neuroprotectant is also not to be underestimated. 

It helped prevent seizures, brain damage and it increased neurogenesis (the formation of new brain cells).

5. Stabilizes Blood Pressure

We already talked about BPC-157 lowering high blood pressure through NO increase.

What we failed to mention is the fact that, if you’re suffering from low blood pressure, BPC-157 actually increases it!

This means that it acts as a potent blood pressure stabilizer.

Why is this important?

Say you’re a bodybuilder on PEDs, some PEDs will cause changes to your blood pressure, which could lead to problems down the road.

One of the easiest ways of mediating this side effect is by introducing BPC-157 into your protocol!

These are the five main benefits of BPC-157 on bodybuilders.

We didn’t mention its positive effects on the health of your heart, gut, drug intoxication, liver damage, stomach lining and treating abnormal amounts of potassium in your blood.

To conclude, BPC-157 is one of the most beneficial peptides out there and as more human studies roll out, we hope to see an increase in its usage.

BPC-157 Dosage And Cycle Length

BPC-157 is effective in very low dosages, we’re talking about mcg (micrograms, not milligrams) here.

Most people take it between two to three times per day, due to its low half-life, which is purported to be four hours.

Dosages used on rats ranged up to 10mcgs per kg of bodyweight, which would translate to around 700mcgs for an adult weighing 70kgs.

However, humans and mice are not the same, just because a dosage provides optimal results on mice, doesn’t mean it will do the same for humans.

To cut it short, dosages don’t overlap.

From the research available on humans, as well as many anecdotal reports, you won’t need more than 400mcgs per day to feel the full range of effects.

It’s best to start off with 100mcgs taken twice per day and work your way up from there.

Many people like to cycle BPC-157.

They usually take it between eight to twelve weeks before halting usage for two to four weeks.

The best way to utilize BPC-157 would be to take it until the pain, inflammation, depression or other ail subsides.

You don’t have to worry too much about side effects, as all studies, both on animals and humans, point to the fact that it’s very safe and tolerated quite well.

More on this in the next section.

BPC-157 Side Effects

As mentioned earlier, this peptide is considered to be very tolerable and quite safe for usage, even for extended periods of time.

Some studies used BPC-157 on rats for months and no adverse effects were detected.

However, peptides in general have side effects that are not often talked about.

Unfortunately, this includes BPC-157.

Let’s list some of them and provide examples as to how to best handle them.

1. Headaches and Nausea

This side effect is very prominent in first time users, it’s just our body getting used to the compound and shouldn’t concern you.

However, if the headaches and nausea are severe, consider lowering your daily dosage.

2. Increased Hunger

This is a godsent to some but to others struggling with excess weight, it’s a nightmare. 

Time your BPC-157 usage to avoid food cravings during the day if you’re a part of the latter group.

3. Heightens/Lowers Effects of Other Medications

This especially rings true if you’re using antihistamines, antipsychotics, antidepressants or anxiolytics.

If you’re using any of the above, consult your doctor before starting a BPC-157 protocol.

4. Not Recommended In People With Active Cancer

If you are unfortunately dealing with cancer, it is not recommended you take BPC-157, even if you’re in pain.

Even though no study has ever confirmed that BPC-157 leads to cancer cell proliferation, you can’t be too careful.

The mainstream theory suggests that since BPC-157 improves blood flow, it should also technically feed cancer cells, allowing them to grow faster.

Once again, this hasn’t been proven in any study.

On the flip side, BPC-157 is being researched as a potential aid in osteoporosis and cachexia caused by cancer.

Research is still in the early stages, so to be 100% safe, stay away from BPC-157 and other peptides if you’re suffering from cancer.

How to Take BPC-157

If you’re intrigued by this peptide and are interested in all the ways you can use BPC-157, then the following information will prove pertinent to you.

1. Nasally

One of the safest ways of getting BPC-157 into your system is via your nasal passage. It might not be the most effective way but it’s still potent enough that people all over the world do it.

2. Orally

Taking liquid BPC-157 orally might leave a chemical taste in your mouth, that’s why some vendors add aroma compounds (lipolyzers) to the fray to make it taste better.

Our suggestion would be to wash BPC-157 down with some orange juice or water, whichever you prefer.

If you’re using capsules, the taste shouldn’t worry you, just make sure that you read the labels and accurately gouge how much BPC-157 you’re actually imbuing.

3. Subcutaneously

A needle containing BPC-157 is administered directly on the spot that’s in need of healing.

Injecting BPC-157 (and other peptides) proves to be the most effective way of using them and promises excellent bioavailability.

The problem is, if you’re afraid of needles or are wary of injecting yourself, you’ll not really like this method.

4. Intramuscularly

By far the quickest way to get BPC-157 into your system, since it travels directly into your bloodstream from the injection site.

We don’t recommend doing this on your own, as it can be quite painful and requires some precision.

Discuss this option with your healthcare provider if you really want to take BPC-157 through this route.

Where to Buy BPC-157

Since most peptides used get injected by the person in need of them, it’s very important that your peptide source provides the highest-quality products.

We’re here talking about BPC-157 that’s pure, cleared of any chemicals or radicals and not mixed with anything else.

Basically, you’re looking for 100% pure BPC-157.

In the process of obtaining BPC-157, we tested over 50 peptide vendors and their products; most of them were not satisfactory and we cannot recommend them.

However, a few vendors do care about quality; they test their products in third-party laboratories, are made in the US and most importantly, they are free of any chemicals which might contaminate BPC-157.

Take a look at our recommended list of Peptide vendors and make a choice depending on what type of BPC-157 you prefer.

We are very keen on using liquid BPC-157 orally or BPC-157 capsules, since you reduce risk of injury down to zero.


BPC-157 is a very strong peptide with healing capabilities that far outshine traditional methods.

Most importantly, it doesn’t cause addiction (unlike most painkillers), it’s safe to use and there’s a quick onset of positive effects.

To conclude this BPC-157 review, a very promising peptide with a bright future ahead of it!