Umbrella Labs Review – Are They a Good SARMs Source?, formerly known as is a vendor based in the US that sells SARMs, nootropics, peptides, PCT supplements and a whole lot more compounds.

They contacted me recently – were very polite while doing so – offering to promote their products and website on this site.

Umbrella Labs review

I’m very scrupulous when it comes to the things that I peddle to you guys, I barely managed to find three legitimate vendors out of the hundreds of SARMs shops that I’ve tested out, so you know, I’m very careful with stuff like that.

The thing is, I’m playing with human lives here, if I ever promoted something that would end up hurting any one of you guys, I wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt.

Enough about me, let’s take an in-depth look at this shop and see if they deserve to be the fourth shop on my list of vendors!

Right as you enter the website, you get a pop-up telling you that there is a site wide sale going on and that you get 10% off on any orders. I didn’t like that from the start; it reeks of desperation and is a bit too much ‘in your face’ for my taste. Also, you can’t apply any coupons which might make this sale superfluous as most of their coupons give you 10% off.

Moving on, their website is really sleek, and I quite like it. The coloring matches perfectly, you really get a sense of power and a kick out of reading the content on their site.

On the top right corner, you can find their social media website where they have a respectable presence.

You can also find the FAQ section with just two clicks of a button, which is convenient.

At first glance, the company seems like a good place to do business with, but what hides behind the shiny appearance?

Let’s dig some more and find out!

Product Selection

The first thing that struck me as odd was the fact that Umbrella Labs was missing Ligandrol in their stock. I tried searching for it everywhere on the site but couldn’t find it.

Another thing which irked was the fact that they sold something called RAD 150 (TLB 150), which is something I have never heard of, at least not in all the years of active research I’ve been involved in.

Lastly, the number of positive reviews on their SARMs were quite fishy, and they were mostly short reviews. One that made me laugh out loud was a guy that left a review on Ostarine that said, ‘helped me bulk up’.

Other than that, everything seems pretty standard when it comes to their SARMs selection. They only sell SARM liquids, which is also something you should be aware of.

One thing that stands out are their product descriptions, they present a lot of studies done on the SARMs and it reads like a mini guide to them. I really liked that.

What also interested me were their PCT supplements, but upon clicking the link, I was redirected to another site selling a ‘natural’ PCT supplement. It smelled like a scam to me, as natural PCT supplements are mostly pills stuffed with a bunch of natural Testosterone boosters in ineffective dosages.

They also indulge in wholesale, but only sell to companies from foreign countries, probably to avoid the many regulations needed in the US to do so.


Pricing should never be an issue when it comes to buying high-quality SARMs. Hell, I would rather pay 50$ more for my SARMs, than get something laced with prohormones.

Still, for those of you interested, the prices are quite competitive with the stores I usually do business with and most of their SARMs are priced at $70.00, except for the dreaded RAD 150 which is the only ‘SARM’ priced higher than the others.

Quality Control

You know how important it is to have third party lab reports for all of your SARMs and Umbrella Labs has just that.

To not bother you with the science, they use the most modern way of testing their SARMs and promise purity rates of 99%.

This all seems fine and dandy, if it were not for a little detail that I’ve spotted; They don’t test every batch and their ‘recent’ lab reports are over five months old.

This is a bad sign, as for example, companies like test every batch they procure and have lab reports readily available.

Shipping And Returns

During the checkout phase, the company adds a two-dollar shipping insurance in case your order gets lost or stolen. I’m not a cheapskate and two dollars mean nothing to me, but I don’t see why the customer should be paying for something that may very well never happen and is out of his domain.

Shipping to Australia costs $19.24 which is quite a lot and no matter how much you order, you won’t be getting free shipping, which is something reserved only for US residents.

As you select your shipping carrier, you will be brought to a page requesting you to pay either via credit cards or cryptocurrencies, which is standard for SARMs companies.

One thing that really grinded my gears was the fact that the company doesn’t provide refunds and it also doesn’t have a money back guarantee. Their reasoning? ‘’We’re for serious customers only.’’

I mean, there is so much that could go wrong during transit, broken bottles being an example and they just expect us to suck it up?

This is bad company policy, they could learn a thing or two from Proven Peptides, who honor their money back guarantee every time.

Customer Support

I didn’t buy any SARMs from them, nor did I call or email them back, so I can’t really speak for their customer service.


If I had to rate this company out of a scale from one to ten, I would give them a four.

They do try their best to appear as legitimate as possible and one can see that they’ve spent a lot of time working on their product descriptions, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they don’t have a refund policy.

I also can’t forgive the inclusion of RAD 150 amongst their ranks, a quick Google search reveals nothing about it, so I would avoid it like the plague.

Overall, I can’t recommend this company to my readers.

It looks like a solid business, but as we’ve seen from this review, looks can easily deceive.

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