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SARMTECH Review: April 2024 Alternatives

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2024 Update
SARMTECH has shutdown and stopped operating.
For high-quality SARMs sources check out the recommendation list.

Verified SARMTECH Alternatives

I’ve been aware of SARMTECH SARMs for quite some time now, but never really took the opportunity to write a review about them, until some of my loyal readers urged me to do so. SARMTECH recently experienced a domain change, which is common for SARM businesses as the many regulations and pressures forced upon SARM vendors urge them to always have a few backup domains up their sleeve.
For this review, they have also agreed to give me a 10% discount code (SARMGUIDE10) that anyone can use when buying their products.

Their new domain name, is by far the best domain name they could’ve come up with, as it’s short and to the point.

These two traits I’ve mentioned above, the curtness and directness, seem to permeate every facet of this business, and you’ll soon see what I’m talking about.


Their website is really, really fast. Along with the domain change, they seem to also have switched hosts which was a move for the better.

There are three things prominent on the homepage, the fact that they have a lot of independent lab reports, a lot of reviews and a strong money back guarantee.

This doesn’t tell us much as of now, but it is good to see that SARMTECH cares about the important aspects, at least from the perspective of a customer.

The 3811 ‘no-BS’ reviews were the first thing to grab my attention and upon doing some research on the website, I have to tell you that there is some merit to them. More on this later.

Next thing you immediately notice are all the SARMs in their product selection. Their packaging is sleek, stylish and colorful, their capsules being a blend of white and another color.

They also feature SARM stacks and a variety of supplements they sell right on their homepage. Again, it’s all right there on the page… no hunting was needed.

I really like the articles posted below their product selection, as they offer a ton of valuable information and they talk about pertinent things surrounding SARMs such as the SARMs control act of 2019 and the Chinese export ban.

A piece which really tickled my fancy was ‘James’ Do’s & Don’ts’, which is a write-up on the three main issues they come across in discussions with  customers. The points are addressed professionally, and you get very straight, no-BS answers from the owner.

I’ve tested all of their links and they work properly, you’re able to seamlessly navigate through the website without a hitch. I have to mention this again, but the loading speeds on this site are extraordinary.

Product Selection

SARMTECH has all the popular SARMs on sale, but that’s not all, they also sell the three compounds commonly stacked with SARMs: Cardarine, Stenabolic and Ibutamoren.

Aside from SARMs, Prohormone Arimistane (ATD), an estrogen-blocking aromatase inhibitor is available, and 4-Andro (4 DHEA) is apparently going to be in their lineup as well in the near future.

Besides that, they also have Creatine, Nitric Oxide and some natural supplements which I would personally avoid.

My stance on natural Testosterone boosters is pretty clear – they don’t work.

However, if you’re just here for the SARMs, you will not be disappointed.

Moreover, their SARM stacks are professionally curated and you get quite a bargain when you purchase a stack, as the overall price is discounted.

For example, the listing for their LGD-4033 stack, shown below, is listed at 35% off regular price.


SARMTECH seems to only be selling capsules (although I hear liquids are in the works), which is very convenient for newbies to SARMs, as they don’t have to measure anything and there is nothing to screw up.

When I checked the site on Oct 21, 2020, one gets a free bottle of Creatine for any two SARMs bought and if you buy three or more, you’ll receive a free bottle of NO2.

Now, it’s time to tackle their reviews, as promised.

I’ve read around a hundred of them or so and they seem to be legitimate.

There are negative reviews among them, and they offer legitimate reasons for why they are negative.

The positive reviews are written in the same vein, some of them might not be saying anything, but those that do are sound and provide the reader with much-needed information about the product.

I usually don’t put much trust in website reviews, but SARMTECH seems to have changed my mind on this subject, as they really strive to paint an accurate picture of their products.


Their prices are some of the best ones I’ve seen on the market, and they seem to be offering a lot more bang for your buck in comparison to other SARM vendors.

As an example, with SARMTECH, you get at least 50% more product, as they put 90 capsules in their bottles, compared to the 30 or 60 capsules vendors usually offer.

This is a great deal as you don’t have to buy SARMs all the time, even though it pays to do so with SARMTECH, as they have a loyalty program similar to the one you would find on Proven Peptides.

100 loyalty points equal to a dollar and the more you spend, the more points you can accumulate as you rank up from ‘Soldier’ to ‘Elite’.

You can use points to discount your total order for up to 30%!

Quality Control

Let’s see how SARMTECH fares in this department!

I’ve had a look at their lab results and not only are they legit, but they are recent, which is one of the most important aspects to consider when evaluating a vendor.

For example, their latest batch of Ostarine has shown itself to be at least 98% pure, which is excellent.

This company seems to be using multiple  labs for SARMs third party lab testing, which is always good to see, as a second opinion can mean a lot and it’s harder to fake the overall results.

After a lot of careful analysis and vetting, I can proudly proclaim that SARMTECH is in fact a legitimate source where you can safely buy SARMs.

Shipping And Returns

This company ships from the US and all orders that exceed 75$ get free shipping on their order by USPS First Class Mail.

This only applies to the US; international orders have to pay 25-40$ for their package to be delivered.

That’s quite steep but is offset by the fact that  their SARMs pricing is good to begin with, so it kind of levels out.

They ship same-day, so if you’re ordering from the US, the wait for your package to arrive  is the typical USPS ship time for First Class, Priority, or Priority Express– between 1 and 7 days, depending on which method you choose. .

The same applies to international orders, where you’ll have to be patient for up to three weeks.

Do expect delays with shipping and tracking updates, due to the virus situation currently plaguing the world.

This is not something we can blame the company for, but it is good to know.

Now it’s time to look at their return policy!

They have a money-back guarantee which lets you return any SARM, even opened (but 50% of the contents must be inside), and you’ll be eligible for a refund.

This is one of the best return policies I’ve ever seen and the best thing of all, there are no time limits, restock fees or bad excuses for not getting your money back!

Just email the company with your order info and they’ll get it sorted as soon as possible.

Customer Reviews Online

Although SARMTECH has been online for quite some time now, there aren’t many reviews posted about them.

People on Reddit usually praise them, although I have to mention that there are a few suspicious accounts calling them out on bunk products.

The reason why they’re suspicious is because they seem to shill other companies while claiming to have tried literally every product from SARMTECH which would cost close to a thousand dollars.

Who orders such volume on their first purchase? It’s quite obvious that the negative reviews on SARMTECH are nothing but fake.

The same with their TrustPilot page, they have a score of 2.9 out of 5.

When I first saw that, I was thinking to myself ‘What a bad company’, but after doing some research, I’ve come to realize that a) the owner replied to all the negative reviews and was quite professional while doing so, and b) the accounts who commented all promoted a competitors company

Even places like Reddit are becoming contaminated with shill accounts and it’s becoming harder and harder to tell them apart.

After all, you don’t need more than a minute to sign up to Reddit and start peddling your drivel.

I like the official stance the company has on these forums and bodybuilding websites: They simply don’t bother with them and focus on improving their existing products.

That’s a bold stance to have, but it seems all too necessary in the face of fake reviews and fake customers.

Customer Support

Call me privileged, but I actually talked to the owner of SARMTECH and despite the austere manner in which some of his blog posts are written, he is a pleasant guy to talk to.

I got a glimpse of the inner workings of the company and let me tell you, it’s nothing short of amazing.

They do seem to be a bit understaffed when it comes to their customer support; they have to handle a lot of orders each day, which leaves little time for chit-chatting.

Despite that, they strive to reply to every email within a 24-hour period and the owner sees to it that you get your needs fulfilled.

Overall, their customer support seems to be lagging a bit, but we have to give them some leeway on this one since they are so overrun with orders.


It’s hard not to love this company; they have a great refund policy, frequently updated lab reports (they seem to be doing one for each batch they put on the market), budget-friendly prices, an owner who cares about his customers, a versatile product selection and informative blog posts on the most pertinent issues surrounding SARMs.

All in all, I do recommend this company to my readers and I think that I’ll be adding it to my list of recommended vendors!