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Narrow Labs Review – Are They Still a Reputable Source of SARMs?

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UPDATE: Narrow Labs no longer sells SARMs, to get the best SARMs money can buy, check out my recommended sources.

Narrow Labs has been around since 2018, which tells us they are somewhere in the middle-of-the-road when it comes to longevity as a SARM vendor.

Narrows Labs Review

They have always been a solid SARMs source, average at all markers, never too flamboyant and always ready to step in when necessary.

In this Narrow Labs review, we’ll revisit the company and dive deep into their past.

Narrow Labs wasn’t just in it for the money, they actually cared about transforming people’s lives which is evident when you look at their homepage.

Dozens of bodybuilders posted their before and after pictures which really created a sense of community and purpose.

One thing I distinctly remember about Narrow Labs were the two numbers on the footer of their website; one for text messages, the other for calls.

Vendors usually don’t bother with a phone number at all but this company really knew how to retain customer loyalty.

All their hyperlinks worked perfectly well and the website was quite enjoyable to browse.

Product Selection

Narrow Labs believed in variety and therefore had quite the product selection when SARMs were considered: Powders, liquids and even capsules!

The one weird thing about this vendor was the lack of Ostarine, I don’t think they ever had it in stock.

It wasn’t that big of a deal, as their customer base were mostly seasoned researchers, who didn’t even use Ostarine for their rats.

Back in 2019, they even used to sell prohormones, peptides and TUDCA (liver support) but it’s all gone now, you won’t find any of the aforementioned products on the site.

They also used to have SARM stacks called ‘bundles’, which were really economical, saving you a lot of cash.

Nowadays, it’s a barren wasteland when you click the ‘bundles’ link.

At least they still have their clothing line, it’s basically the only remaining relic from the company.

Unfortunately, the tank tops are not on sale and the company implores you to leave your contact information so they can email you once it’s in stock again.


Narrow Labs always had reasonably priced SARMs.

They could compete with the best companies when it came to price points.

It’s best exemplified when you take a look at their liquid S23 – 750mgs of total product would cost you south of 60$.

Compare that to one of my recommended sources,, and you’ll see that the prices are identical.

To conclude, fair prices all around.

Quality Control

As far as I remember, 2019 was the best year for Narrow Labs, as they had recent lab results, great customer service and free shipping to the US.

That all changed in 2020, as something inexplicable happened and the lab results stopped coming in, the quality of their SARMs declined and their customer service took a turn for the worse.

One could see that something was amiss but nobody would have guessed that it was the end of the line.

2021 was the year they completely went under for reasons unspecified.

Shipping And Returns

Narrow Labs was known for offering free shipping to any US address and that’s just one of the things that made them popular in the first place.

However, international shipments were quite costly, up to 28$, but not as bad as some other companies, who jacked the prices up to 40$.

According to their policy, it took between five to seven business days for a domestic shipment to arrive at your doorstep. It seemed excessive at the time, but proved itself correct, especially when you took the virus situation into account.

Narrow Labs shipped from Monday to Saturday, orders before 3PM PST were shipped on the same day.

Their return policy wasn’t the best; their harsh stance was understandable when you consider how many grifters posed as customers.

If you were deemed eligible for a refund, the company charged a 10$ restocking fee.

The package had to be unopened, in the same condition as received and most importantly, unused.

Such a policy made it hard to get a refund but it also kept scammers at bay.

Narrow Labs used to have quite the amount of payment options including all types of credit cards, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle and Bitcoin.

Customer Reviews Online

Before 2020, most of the customer reviews online were overwhelmingly positive, as expected.

Once 2020 rolled around, things changed for the worse and the company received slews of negative reviews both on Reddit and on TrustPilot.

The general message that echoed from the reviews was one of caution and many bodybuilders were on the fence about the company.

The final nail in the coffin happened in 2021; they are now completely gone from the scene.

Customer Support

As already mentioned, their customer support was exemplary for the first two years of service but it all turned to smithereens when 2020 stepped into the limelight.

They had two numbers stenciled on their website, an email address, Facebook, Instagram, you name it!

They took their mantra of ‘100% satisfaction guarantee’ for granted in the later years and finally paid the ultimate price; a complete shutdown of operations.

I have never personally contacted their customer support, so I can’t vouch for the above but I trust it to be the truth.


A very sad state of affairs for both the vendor and its customers.

The company had its day back in 2019 but now it’s all gone down the drain.

To conclude this Narrow Labs review, this vendor had a lot of potential but due to unforeseen circumstances, they are no longer in business.

That’s not a reason to fret, as my recommended sources offer the best SARMs on the market.

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