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Are SARMs Legal In The UK | The Full Guide 

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SARMs have enjoyed widespread controversy ever since their amazing effects on muscle were discovered.

It’s no wonder many people ask themselves whether SARMs are legal in the UK; I doubt many of the lawmakers know themselves.

Are SARMs Legal in the UK

Despite that, in this guide, we’ll break down the dubious UK law surrounding SARMs and explain things thoroughly.

The FSA (Food Standards Agency) is a governmental unit in the UK that classifies SARMs as a “novel food”.

This has quite a lot of implications for SARMs, some of them which we could consider good, others not so much.

For example, the FSA states that SARMs are not tested enough to be considered a food, that’s why the prefix “novel”.

This means that vendors in the UK can’t market SARMs as eligible for human consumption and they can’t be considered a dietary supplement.

The main reason why SARMs have this sort of uncertain feel to them in many countries, including the UK, is their newness and lack of proper research.

This means that SARMs have to be branded as research chemicals by vendors and sold under the pretense that they won’t be used by humans.

What Does All This Mean For SARMs In The UK

It means that SARMs are in a sort of gray area; nobody is going to arrest or charge you for buying or possessing them.

They are completely legal to have as research chemicals.

No governmental body is likely going to waste resources tracking whether you’re really doing research or something else with your SARMs.

However, it’s best to keep things on the low, not brag too much to friends or acquaintances, as someone spiteful might actually report you.

What I’m trying to say is; you don’t have a reason to worry.

In all the years SARMs have been on the market, I’ve never heard about a case where a layman got charged with SARMs possession.

Some vendors did go down but it’s due to their own negligence; they sold SARMs and branded them for human consumption.

Where Do You Buy SARMs In The UK

Good you’re asking; now that we know that SARMs are essentially green lit in the UK, we can safely proceed to get ourselves some.

There aren’t that many good vendors in the UK, in fact, after doing over a year worth of research, I’ve only managed to come up with a few good ones.

I actually have an extensive article on this topic entitled where to buy SARMs in the UK.

Be sure to check it out as I reveal the best UK source while giving insight into my criteria for SARM vendors.


Now that we know that SARMs are legal in the UK as research chemicals, we can safely buy them.

The good news is that nobody actually gives a damn; if you’re not ostentatiously breaking the law, nothing will happen to you.

Be sure to stay safe and until next time!